YouTube Japan & The Book People Club

Published April 10, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Recently, I visited YouTube Japan. And the subject matter was ‘Who are the Book People of Japan?”

“The Book People of Japan” is a very private club that only Japan’s elite can participate. On the video, a man in a “V mask” spoke of the book club that is not ‘your grandparents’ book club’.

Created in 1968 as a suggestion of Ray Bradbury’s groundbreaking novel Fahrenheit 451 (which was also a movie); The Book People has over 1,000 members in Japan. At a change of heart, the club has lifted the ban on female members and foreigners.

The Book People of Japan is so secretive, that the entire club were in mask or shadow. 

The video was a hidden side to the freedom of reading and discussion of books. ‘The book club’ goes beyond the book.

Cooking dishes, field trips, movie viewing and debating is what makes this secretive club a hidden guilty pleasure.

I wanted to learn more about The Book People of Japan.

I later discovered that the video was deleted.

Go for broke!


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