The Chink and the child/ Jackie’s Dragon

Published March 15, 2014 by ladyserenity92

Greg & Jackie’s tale of love + magic!

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I watched the movie Broken Blossoms and read the story by Thomas Burke (The Chink and the Child.) Now, I want to find the book called Lime house Nights: Tales of Chinatown. It is a short story collection written by Thomas Burke himself. Can anyone please tell me if the book is still available or out of print. I would love the book to go with my reading list.

After I watched Broken Blossoms and read The Chink and the Child, I was haunted by a short story that I’ve written long ago that has some what of a modern day similarly to it. The story was called Jackie’s Dragon.

With Broken Blosoms/The Chink and the Child, the releationship is between an adult Chinese man and a twelve year old child named Lucy. In Jackie’s Dragon, the relationship is between two children. A Twelve year old boy and a ten…

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