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Be my Valentine

Published February 14, 2014 by ladyserenity92

“No fair,you cheated!” “No, you cheated!” The arguement was going on at the school yard between a girl and boy. The two children had played a game of cards. In the middle of the game, someone had peeked at the girl’s cards. “You cheated and you know it!” The girl continued. “I didn’t cheat!” The boy shouted. The girl now had her hand in a fist.
“You’re dead, Ming Park!” The boy resonded, “Bring it on Kim Oh!” The girl was about to throw a sucker punch at the boy, but someone grabbed her hand from behind. The girl turned around and saw the teacher, Mr.Cho. “What is worng with you kids?” he asked tersey.


Published February 6, 2014 by ladyserenity92

This post is deaceted to my friend & Pastor Rev. Nancy Ennis and my friends at Unity Church. Nancy told me about grace & hope. God is always ‘watching’ over us. Watch the ‘skies’ and see. Or, read this…

Something exciting’s showing up in the sky.

Recently, sightings of pentagrams have been apearing in skies across America.

That includes small-towns like Albemarle, North Carolina, USA.

(The home of singer Kellie Pickeler!)

Pentagram sightings are a new thing that people are understanding this as a sign from God.

A message of hope and grace.

God made the pentagrams(stars) to let people of America know that he is

and always will be with us.

Wherever we go.

As the Fifth of Pentacles reminds us of God’s love.

We are truley never alone.

Go for broke!

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