The Truth about Raymond(Part One)

Published October 18, 2013 by ladyserenity92

You must always tell the truth about people. Even about angels. For angels like you for standing up for them. I’ve been talking about the late Canadian actor Raymond Burr for two years now. Everything I’ve said about him was true as a blue sky. Mr. Burr has always told the truth even after his death from AIDS. The reason why was because people made up lies about him.

In fact, they didn’t know Mr. Burr that well.

They had green faces and eyes.

Raymond Burr was a mulatto and had two brothers and two sisters. One of them was his twin sister.

Burr’s father was a Black African and his mother was a white Irish woman with red hair.

Raymond’s family lived on a farm. Raymond’s parents believed in the importance of a good education for their five children.

Raymond Burr liked to pull pranks on his family during Halloween.

Raymond Burr had Autism growing up.

Raymond Burr was married to the late actress Juanita Moore and fathered five children with her. interracial marriages were legal in Canada; but were outlawed in America.

Juanita Moore and Raymond Burr divorced after Burr ‘came out’ to his wife. Moore and Burr remained friends even after their deaths.

(‘Kissing Cousins’ Part)

I mentioned that Raymond Burr was a cousin of William Hopper.

That’s true. Hopper and Burr were cousins. It wasn’t illegal; they fell in love. Hopper never knew he had AIDS during the 1960s. Back then it was ‘pneumonia’.

Raymond Burr wasn’t shy about showing his affection to his ‘boyfriend’.

He visited him in the hospital, stayed by his bedside; and kissed him when he died.

At the wake, Raymond was seen kissing William in the casket. William’s body was cold like in a fairy tale.

Burr was a descendent of Arron Burr; Hopper was a descendent of Alexander Hamilton.

That’s all for now.

Go for broke/Stay tuned!


3 comments on “The Truth about Raymond(Part One)

  • Dear friends, I’m happy to say that Raymond Burr is alive and well! In fact, he wanted me to ‘fix’ my post. Nobody’s perfect! Go for broke!

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