Published September 22, 2013 by ladyserenity92

It was a spring night and Mr. John and Mr.Yosuke were walking hand in hand across the bridge. The warmness of his lover’s hand made Mr.Yosuke’s heart and stomach fill up with butterflies. As he glanced at his lover(Mr.John), Mr.John did what most pisicanes do when a lover glances at them; Mr. John grew a shade of rouge as red as the sunset. Mr.John looked at Mr.Yosuke.
The two lovers stopped halfway as Mr.Yosuke looked over the bloconly and into the lited water.
“Look, John,” he told his lover, “can you see them?”
Mr.John glanced over the bloconly. And what he saw took his breath away. “Oh!” There, swimimng in the water were koi of differnt color. Mr. John’s heart was full of childlike mystisim. “Teddy bear


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