The “Free Spirit” Cards(Poem)

Published September 11, 2013 by ladyserenity92

The Prosperity Card, The Grace Card and The Flight Card.
These are three cards that some people only found out on Earth. But there’s a catch….
they’re people spreading joy all over the land.

The Prosperity Card is a card that gives to those that are poor in pocket but rich in heart. possessions she’ll give to the needy that help themselves. Be warn; she’s a tricky spirit that test the greed in the hearts of men.

The Grace Card is a kind-hearted spirit that summons the gentle power of forgiveness. Always a friend in deed, The Grace Card is one that always uses forgiveness as her weapon of choice.

The Flight Card longs to fly like a bird in the sky. To new worlds; meet new faces. The Flight Card never slows down to experience life without limits. Her heart is as powerful as a snowbird in winter.

They told me how to test those who are possessed…

1. Only angels have dreams.
2. All angels must smile and have their picture taken.
3. Angels must love one another as their love themselves.
4. Angels must give and share in order to bring harmony into the world. Angels must have holidays and ‘cheat’ days.
5. Angels are always children at heart. Even as adults.
6. Angels never die.
7. Angels must never be perfect. Mistakes don’t count, but must be made up.
8. No matter what, angels must love life and honor it.


Never forget 9/11 & 3/11!
Go for broke!


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