Published September 5, 2013 by ladyserenity92

My efficiency emerges,

Even if it’s just going out with friends

or organizing a small get-together.

I must continue to be slightly remote.

Being assure of telling my mother that the issues

in this poem have nothing to do with her

in anyway.

I want to follow my plans in my heart.

My immediate circle thinks otherwise.

Life’s pressure builds up quickly;

In the city,

pressure encourages me to take charge of my future.

Reaching out to those that care about me

want to cry out to those not in the same country as I.

I discover the limits without the support of friends,

loved ones and strangers.

One can get stuck between the moon

and the city

in their perrspectives,

they get stuck in their own opinions

and useless ideas,

if they are not careful.

The difference is

it might be too much trouble

for others and for myself to contain their hearts.

No one does in Souel.

I might be surprised to excpect the unexcpected.

Soule is a city where suprises happen.

In the ‘City of Miracles’,

Rethink recent expenditures.

If something important comes

that involes your finances,

information’s about in the eyes

of the Buddha,

of Mary and God.

In the gods you trust;

all others pay in cash and plastict.




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