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Price tag of “The Rainbow Connection”

Published June 28, 2013 by ladyserenity92

Hey, guys & gals!

Do you know how much ‘The Rainbow connection” is worth now?

Here’s the list of 13 of the most popular colors + their price:

Winter(Snow), $1
Sunshine, $2
Rose, $5
Heaven, $10
Smoke, $20
Key Lime, $25
Mandarin, $50
Chicory, $100
Bubble Gum, $250
Lavender, $500
Wine, $1000
Sky, $2000
Dutch Chocolate, $5000

That’s how much you make if you belong to “The Rainbow connection”!

It doesn’t matter about the money…loving one another for who they are is the real gold!

Are you part of “The Rainbow connection”?

Go for broke!

A Poem for Turkey

Published June 21, 2013 by ladyserenity92

Ayak izleri
Bir büyülü gece, bir İngiliz büyücü bir rüya gördüm.
O Rab ile sahil boyunca yürüyordu hayal.
Karşısında gökyüzü onun hayatından sahneler parladı.
Rab ona ait bir ve diğer: her sahne için o kum ayak izleri iki takım fark ettim.
Hayatının son sahne önünde parladı, o kuma ayak izleri baktı.
Hayatının yolunda birçok kez ayak izi sadece bir dizi olduğunu fark ettim.
O da hayatında çok düşük ve üzücü zamanlarda oldu fark ettim.
Bu gerçekten onu rahatsız ve o bu konuda Rab sorguladı:
“Tanrım, benimle tüm yol yürümek söylediğin. Ama hayatımda en sıkıntılı zamanlarda, ayak izi sadece bir set var. Ben size en çok ihtiyaç duyulan neden beni terk ettin? ”
Rab cevap verdi: “Oğlum. Benim değerli çocuk, seni seviyorum ve seni terk asla. Deneme ve acı sizin zamanlarda, size ayak izleri sadece bir dizi görünce, ben size yapılan o zaman oldu. “

Korean Americans don’t know manhwa!

Published June 21, 2013 by ladyserenity92

There’s a new show about Amy Chuan’s book coming in 2013! CW.

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In an unofficial survey, Japanese manga is the king of comics with North Americans.

As well as Dramas and pop artist like singers Rain and Boys over Flowers.

Next to that, they can’t stand the infamous Tiger Mom Amy Chung. (She’s like Ann Couture on parenting.)

But it comes to a shock that a few of my Korean friends don’t know manhwa.

Manhwa is one of the best kept secrets open to those who don’t want silly stories about sex-crazed Buddhist monks chasing schoolgirls in skirts.

Or robots.

Manhwa deals with real issues that many Koreans face today; such as homosexuality, suicide, drug abuse, religion; many of the situations that touch universally.

With the recent earthquake in Japan, Manga sales have fallen 76%. As well as a recession and a worldwide crises, manhwa prices have fallen as…

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June 5,2013

Published June 5, 2013 by ladyserenity92

“Mr. Dodo fan club”  from the movie “Undercover Angel” (The actress once played Eloise.)

Piggly Winks taught me about Irish culture. Many Irish American’s love the show so much that there’s a cult following dedicated to the show.

Don Toro (Ferney’s father)

Free parking is sweet.

The sorrows of  Romeo and  his beloved Juliet.

Go for Broke!

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