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The era of the wolf’s at an end

Published March 19, 2013 by ladyserenity92

Sad news for fans of Dick Wolf.
Dick has a case of N.C./N.T.
(No class/No Talent)
The point is this is the end of the road for Dick Wolf.
Cancelled shows; a failed shot at a book deal.
Dick Wolf’s going backwards like Donald Trump.
Back to the trash bin.
Wolf & Trump are many of the successful billionaires that are going broke.
Richard Belzer, Spike Lee, Tone Loc;Patty LaBelle.
This is a new era where famous people aren’t reading the signs are now paying for it.
Burt Reynolds’ was still struggling until his death.
Reynolds died broke and homeless.
Casey Anthony’s in bankruptcy for murdering her only child.
Bad guys think that the money’s going to be there forever.
(I see stupid people who chose to be stupid!)
The wolf’s era’s at an end!
The wolf has stuck out!

Go for broke!

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