Manga in Color

Published January 4, 2013 by ladyserenity92

Back in the old days, Japanese manga and some comics and books were in black & white. But due to slumps in sales and people switching to e-readers for their cartoon-fix….

Many manga artist are shelling out their own yen and going color.

For the first time, manga is going in color.

Turning black & white into color is nothing new by the way.

It’s not just comic books going into color.

Thanks in part to technology, many black & white shows & movies are getting the color treatment.

An underground movement had been turning black & white into color since the 2000s.

Another shocker….

Manga is being ‘read’ like a movie.

Vcomics/Vmangas are a hit on YouTube.

The Vcomics are read by actors and actresses and recorded to fit the story. Sound effects are added. In a few months of editing, the Vcomic is ready for the market.

2013 will be a high demand for Vcomics/Vmanga. As well as colorized manga.

As of now, artist have refused to go along with the change. It’s unlikely that we might see a Vcomic or a color manga anytime soon.

That includes bilingual comics.

If you want to see and of the new wave-style comics mentioned in this post…. I have on my link.

Check it out!

Go for broke!




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