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Goodbye,2012! Hello,2013

Published December 29, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Three days ’til the end.

2012 was really a dragon after all.

Rewards and curses that fell upon the earth.

With its grip unleashed its wrath upon this earth.

As the dragon of 2012 is sealed away for another 12 years,

and 2013 comes at our door.

I’ll be ready for another dragon yet to learn about the world.

The union of the snake.

2013–the snake will take over.

Oh, wow!

At lest this will be a gentle 2013.

I hope!

Goodbye, dragon of 2012!

Hello, snake of 2013!

Dragons were once snakes when they were young.

Go for broke!

Happy New Year! 

Saint Girls(Working US Manga)

Published December 18, 2012 by ladyserenity92

Glad you’d liked the ‘Piggley Winks’ flash-fan fiction. Reading a lot is what helps me mostly to mollified fresh and new stories. I’ve notice that you have been reading my poems about fictional Catholic saints.
You’ve often ask me to give names to the superheroine girls and a manga series.
I’d love for that to happen!
Saint Rose with her rod of correction.
Saint Sugar mooning over a boy with her home-made fudge.
Saint Beauty  finding beauty in an ugly world.

You guys and gals might not know this. In history, there were once saints that were husbands,wives;grandmothers & grandfathers.
Saints did in fact have children before the middle ages.
And most saints were not even Catholic.

In fact, in Mexico there is a painting of a bishop blessing his three daughters hanging in a church.

Some say that the man ‘blessing’ his three daughters was ‘Father Alberto’ himself.

No proof has been finalized.

With the rise of sexual abuse in the Catholic church, scandal and the Pope saying that gay marriage harms sociality; it’s time that the Catholic church changes its heart.

A grandmother as a pope with her family having lunch would be nice.

Go for broke!

What has Amenment 5 done for America?

Published December 16, 2012 by ladyserenity92

There are more gun stores then there are supermarkets and schools.
More gunowners than owners with college degrees. and books.
There are more gun expos than movie theaters and shopping malls.
Guns are outnumbering people and money in the US alone.
The right to bare arms…
how about the right to arm ourselves with our minds?
What has amendment 5 done for us?
Amendment five has sent us to financial hell.

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