Ten reasons why

Published June 2, 2012 by ladyserenity92

  1. I recently moved from my old apartment yesterday. Moving a load of furniture and things was a lot of hard work.
  2. I sometimes can’t stand crying kids. But for one thing, they draw cute pictures of you.
  3. At the K.I. I was treated with welcome arms. I made my first motel reservation. Of course, it may not be a 5-star palace, but the staff have a motto: “Love for all; Hatred for none”.
  4. On moving day I had to throw out most of my things. It was because of the damn rain. Two words: Shopping Spree!
  5. I used to like dread locks. Now I detest them. They are a nuisance.
  6. It’s been a year since my breakdown. Either though what happened to me wasn’t my fault, I still had good friends that were there for me to help me survive.
  7. That there are still more good people out in the world then they are bad. People who bully you will become victims themselves; and victims become victors.
  8. Prayer and forgiveness conquer all.
  9. Bullies are victims,too.
  10. I shouldn’t let people tell me that not worth nothing in this world. I always wanted!

Have a wonderful summer/Go for broke!


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