Riddles for Park/C-doodles

Published February 21, 2012 by ladyserenity92

The one ‘trend’ that’s legal and harmless! (:^_^:)

Recently, I’ve been dabbling into a form of ‘hidden’ art.
It’s called ‘C-doodling’.
C-doodling is also called, ‘Cash-art’.
What a person does is take  paper currencies (mine’s USD) and decorate it with numbers, stamps;drawings and writings. Its become a trend all over the globe. Since it’s the recession, what better way to use useless paper than to turn it into art. People in Japan have made Yen notes into cranes; the Greeks and Turks have drawn ‘medusa’ eyes on their money.
Yep, people have just found a new past-time with their cash.
Instead of having money to burn, why not make it into a piece of art before spending it away.
It’s better than hording it in a collection.

Go for broke!


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