The “press” has just gotten bigger!

Published February 11, 2012 by ladyserenity92

After so many people read my children’s short ‘But what if you don’t like apples?” they were searching for the name of a girl I deacated to. They wanted to know who Aminah is. Aminah is my niece. She’s very shy and sweet. Aminah was named after a book about an Ethiopian princess. The book is out of print at this time. Good luck finding it. You know I will.


So many cultures fascinate me. Korea’s becoming a booming country. After the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, Korea is gaining more freedom. After the unexpected hiatus of  pop singer/actor Rain, South Korea’s seeing new faces ready to take on the spotlight of ‘Koreawood’. Reports have come in about a rebellion happening in North Korea. Current dictator Kim Jong Un is struggling  to allow more freedom to his people.

The hermit nation is slowing losing its hermit status. Instead of kids singing ‘Great Leader’ they are singing songs by Jay-Z and Lady Gaga. Adults are reading books by authors from South Korea and beyond. Will this rebellion win over the hermit nation after years of darkness? Will South Korea opened the doors with its new freedom? Will I learn Korean like actor Jim Carey in ‘Yes, Man’?

Stay tuned!

Yahoo vs Google

After a slump, both representatives of Yahoo and Google have called it a day. Shares of Yahoo and Google have been down since the 4th quarter(fall/winter). In the meantime Google has unveiled more tools that some say might invade privacy.

Yahoo has yet to come up with another plan.

The days of Fab February.


Go for broke!


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