“Such Sweet Sorrow” notes

Published December 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

These are the notes from my ‘novel’ “Such Sweet Sorrow”.

  • My family and I left the apartment at 5AM. Momma locked the door as I helped Daddy with the luggage. It was still dark when we got outside. I helped Daddy place the luggage into the back trunk of our car. After I help my daddy close the trunk, he called us over for prayer. We held hands, closed our eyes and bowed our heads. After we said ‘amen’, we hopped in the car and drove off. We left New York state and drove down along the highway. During the ride, I listened to my MP3 player and sang along to the words of a song.
  • My parents have a car for me. I won’t get it until Christmas.
  • She said. “Are you guys in love with each other?” “No.” we said together.
  • “Were so hot the we brought the house down.” You could be a music star on American Idol,” Jordan told me.
  • As night came and Ray was home, I crept downstairs to his bedroom door. When I stepped inside, I spotted a red rose beside him on his night table. I went closer to my cousin’s bedside

That’s all the notes for now!

Good Grief! (:^__^:) It’s Pepper Mint Patty!

Go for broke!

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