Post Holiday!

Published December 26, 2011 by ladyserenity92


How was your holiday? I hope it was great. You must be happy getting lots of gifts from angels at heart. To have such a beautiful smile on your faces is such a joy. I saw the amazing and beautiful pictures in your profiles. It is so cool of me to be willing to be a friend to my fans. At some point in time, I’m a shy tuna. I just glad that I got to know you in 2011.

The end of 2011 is the end of an old era. The main ideal for 2012 is to have a great blog, meet new fans, build friendships; have an authorship and  be in more with the now. I’d like to go out into the ugly, yet beautiful world. I want to meet people in person. I want to explore new, unexplored cultures and get to know ourselves as a human race. You should know that I was pleased at knowing the ‘hidden palaces’ of each person’s soul that I stared looking at the goodness and darkness of pictures for some days. I feel happy to write with such momentum & courage. I hope you liked and admire me as I do for you guys from my heart.

In 2012, I want to play good games like soccer, basket ball, lawn tennis,
dancing, cooking e.t.c.

I bid 2011 a farewell.

In 2012, a warm reply will be great and nicely appreciated. For I admire the old year so well, I’m looking forward to seeing the dragon of change in 2012.

Happy Boxing Day & Happy 2012!

Go for broke!


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