Are we living in the villain’s victory?

Published December 12, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This is a commentary. It is for entertainment only and does not reflect nor the bloggers themselves.

We are “not’ living in the villain’s victory!

We are rejoicing in glory. For we have defeated the bully that terrorized us.

Not to mention the imps are now running for cover from the defeat.

I’m doing more now besides art pieces and reading books.

I also doing more math and science.

I’m gaining more semi-self schooling.

I’m inventing and envision a utopia where the Renascence’ of the past have combined.

The Harlem and the European.

The Heian, Showa and the Edo.

This is a new Renascence Obama wants everyone to join in.

The night train to the star of dreams and opertunate is the train everyone’s hoping on!

The Jordan train.

It just takes faith and committing to hard work!

In the era of a mulluto presendt named Barack,(a man in the Old Testament with Deborah as his mother)….

The bad guys are losing over the good guys.

Doing good get you rewarded with respect and more freebies next to nothing.

Bad guys and gals not get away with evil at all.

They get cancelled and miss out on all the promises of the free world.

Is one’s hard work and sacrifice worthless?


One person’s voice of reason is worth is even when only one person listens to you.

They’ll speak to you.

Because of my words of gold, I’m glad to get a million dollars just for giving the world a piece of my mind.

I’m now in the Arts Institute and going on vacation.

It’s the greatest, Charlie Brown!

Bad guys never win.

Cheater’s never prosper!

Go for broke!

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays!


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