My Friend Mimi (esp.4)

Published November 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

That next day was day of the festival. You and your sister got dressed up and ready for that special day. Your sister wore a tank top and jeans; while you wore your sailor clothes. You examined yourself in the bathroom mirror. You noticed how short your hair was cut. .

You know what I think? When you were ten you always wanted short hair just like the girls in the teen and tween magazines you’ve liked so much. Your grandma once said that girls having short hair and boys having long hair was a sign of rebellion. You never stopped to think about a rebellion. Short hair for girls and long hair for boys was very popular back than. To me you looked lovely with short hair.

You and your sister finished up just as the door bell rang. Both you and your sister raced over to the door. You beat your sister to the door. You turned the doorknob and in front of you was Mimi with a man standing next to her. The man had red hair and wore blue jeans and a KISS t-shirt. You and your sister blushed as the man smiled warmly.

Mimi saw the glow on you and your sister’s face.

“This is my teacher, Mr. Hall,” Mimi introduced the man. “Mr. Hall this is Jesse and her sister Liora.”

Your sister studied Mr. Hall from head to toe. As she looked at him from head to toe, she felt her heart pounding. It pounded so fast, you thought that your sister would die happy in front of you.

Mr. Hall was a doll. In your mind you wished Mimi’s teacher would be your boyfriend. He was a rare blue rose. No wonder why your sister was crazy about him.

Mr. Hall saw your sister and smiled again.

“Hi, Roland.” Your sister replied gently.

“Hello, Jessica.” Mr. Hall returned. “Parker’s waiting for us in the car. we don’t want to be late, so we better get a move on. The parking spaces get full this time of year.”

“Yes,” your sister said, still blushing like a tomato. “Let’s go, Sis.”

You met Mimi’s brother Parker. He was seven and was three years younger than Mimi. Parker had a phobia of girls and women as you found out when you tried to shake his hand. He turned his back to you. He was afraid and didn’t know you.

I hope you don’t hold a grudge to Mimi’s bother or towards other men and boys. Most people are like that. Most times some people change. (I said ‘some’; not all.) Maybe thirty years later you and Parker are getting along very well. And Parker is Mimi’s brother, after all.

Mr. Hall got to the festival on schedule and was fortunate to find a parking space. You got out of the car with everybody else and walked to the entrance of the festival gate. You and the others notice that there wasn’t as many people flooding the festival as the last time. The reason why was because there was a recession in New Jersey that spread all the world like a virus. Most people stayed home because they couldn’t afford to have fun.

That was one of the many reasons that your sister and your parents were giving you less allowance money.

By the gates of the entrance, two men were hitting on your sister.

“Look but don’t touch, boys.” Your sister rebuked.

“Ignore them,” Mr. Hall told her, “They don’t know that they have females in the family and treat women as pieces of meat.”

During the festival, you never let Mr. Hall nor your sister out of your sight. You, Mimi and Parker was in awe when you saw Mr. Hall holding your sister’s hand.

Your sister asked the three of you, “What ride do you guys want to go on first?”

“The Ferris wheel!” You all cried in unison.

“The Ferris Wheel it is! Let’s go.”

“Um, couldn’t we go on a different ride besides the Ferris wheel?” Mr. Hall asked. Mr Hall looked pale.

“Ferris Wheel!”You all said again.

The line to the Ferris wheel was long, but it was worth the wait. The rainbow steel and neon lights; it was like a dream machine. There are two rules about riding a Ferris wheel:

  1. You can’t ride the Ferris wheel by yourself.
  2. Someone has to ride with you.

Once you have a partner on the wheel, that partner becomes your friend or lover. Your mom always told you stories about meeting your dad on the Ferris wheel. And two months later your mom and dad got married. After the next group of people got off it was you, your sister and your friends turn.

As the five of you got inside and sat down, the man closed the door tight. The ride went up to the top. Down below the festival was a glow of lights, with the sound of music. Mr. Hall glanced far into the nightly heavens of the milky way. Mr. Hall was deep into his thoughts.

“Mr. Hall, what are you thinking about?” Mimi questioned.

Still watching, Mr. Hall spoke. “I’m reflecting back to when I was a boy. I was young and had freedom when I rode the Ferris wheel. It was my father, my mother, my three sisters and me on the wheel at the amusement park. This may be the last time I get to enjoy this freedom.”

You and everyone that was with you wanted to know what the true meanings of Mr. Hall’s words.

It was at the moment that Mr. Hall turned his glance to your sister.

When Mr. Hall looked into your sister’s brown eyes, his eyes were shining with tears.

Mr. Hall, are we ever going to see you again? Are you going to be alive to see Jesse? You said to yourself voiceless.

“Jessica,” Mr. Hall began, “from the first moment I saw you standing at the church, I knew that you were the only one that would be the one girl that would be my one and only. I knew it deep in my heart that we would be together. You were so pure and innocent. But the rumor that was started by Tonya soon went out of control.

“It was the lies of a twelve year old girl that made me hate you. On that day you opened the church doors, I saw you. In rage, I threw a bucket of holy water at you.  I should’ve gave you a chance to speak instead of a rumor to speak for itself. I was out of town when the rumor happened.

To Be Continued/Stayed Tuned

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