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My Friend Mimi (Esp.2)

Published November 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

The next day Joy’s mom woke you and Mimi up for brunch. You still like brunch, don’t you? You had Belgian waffles and Dunkin Donut bagels. Mimi had a bagel with cream cheese, jam and lox on top. You viewed Mimi as she munched on her bagel. You wanted to know how a bagel with cream cheese, jam, and lox taste like, so you mirrored her bagel and took a bit of it. It turned out it tasted good. With a glance in her eye, Mimi knew you liked the bagel.

“I never meet anyone else in New Jersey besides me and my grandpa who would eat a bagel like that.”

The bagel was so good that you and Mimi decided to help yourselves to another one. Along with a Dunkin Donut.

After brunch Mimi asked Mrs. Trenton if she could help with the dishes and cleaning up.

Mrs. Trenton replied, “I don’t see why not, dear. But I do wish my daughter was just like you.”

Joy stuck her tongue out at Mimi  after her mom said that.

You didn’t want Mimi to clean alone, so you volunteered to help Mimi out.

In the middle of washing and drying the dishes, Mimi and you sang to the music on the radio. You two dance and sang to the music on the radio.

Hey baby! Someone’s calling your name.

I want to take you out to the picture show, or maybe to the ice cream/candy store.

Why don’t you give me a call.

Only you can unlock the lock to my heart.

Hurry, my baby!

If you don’t give me a call, I will give you a scolding that will make you drop on the floor.*

Ring, Ring!

You and Mimi laughed so hard that you almost crashed the plate you had in your hand on the floor.

You both heard a car horn blow outside. Mrs. Trenton called, “Liora, your sister’s here to take you home!”

You replied,”tell her I’ll be right out!”

As you began to leave, Mimi stopped you on your way. “I have to give you my number.” Mimi spotted a note pad and pen on the counter. You both rushed over to the counter and exchanged each others phone numbers. You gave Mimi a hug and told her that you’ll see her again.

On the car ride home, your sister Jesse asked, “How was it at Joy’s?”

You told her, “It was okay. I’ve met a girl at the party.”

“You did?’

“Yep. Her name’s Mimi Kim.”

Your sister stopped the car abruptly. “Oh, my goodness! That’s Matthew Kim’s daughter.She was at the party. Oh, my. Liora, that’s wonderful.”

In the ten years of your life, you never had a real friend. Sure you had some goldfish, stuffed toys, your sister and other adults as friends; but you never had a kid your own age as a friend. To have a friend of your own was a static shock to your sister.

Your sister went on, “I’m so glad that you met Mimi. The poor thing. I met Mimi and her family at the diner last Christmas. Mimi’s dad told me that she was lonely and didn’t have any friends. If she did, they only liked her for her money. One time a girl became friends with Mimi and her family. Mimi found out that the girl was stealing things from her and her family. Mimi told her parents and the girl was U.S. history.

“Kids treat Mimi like gum on the sidewalk. I don’t know why, but Mimi’s a nice girl. If people overlook someone like Mimi, it’s their loss. I was just like Mimi. When I was eleven, a girl(that I thought was my best friend) spread a rumor that I had slept with the pastor’s fifteen year old son and had an abortion. When I met the boy at church, he threw a bucket of water at me. He called me a lousy chit and told me to leave him alone.

“Turns out that the girl had a crush on the pastor’s son, and that the boy liked me more than her. We’re no longer friends because of the incident, since the guy hates me now. I can’t forgive her and don’t even want to try. I never spoke to her again”

You thought about the boy that your sister lost. You asked your sister, “What was the boy’s name?”

Your sister replied, “Roland Hall. Saying his name sounds lusty.”

You swap your sister as you laughed. You both laughed as you rode home

To Be Continued/Stayed Tuned

*In some cultures, if a male yells at a girl (using bad words), it is a form of disrespect.

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