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Published November 5, 2011 by ladyserenity92

It’s becoming common now that many useful people are consider ‘incompetent’ by first glance. Seven useful days of getting to know someone by first sight have now become a fair-weather lack of judgement. My best friend was even betrayed by her own family. In fact, they tried to force her father to send her to a group home. We talked for two hours about what it was to be misjudged and hope. We became friends again after being apart. All the news we had could have lasted all week-long. The only thing I can tell someone down on their luck is to seek information, have an adventure with a loved one; get into the brightness of the entertainment of life, and never forget to read and write.

The recession’s catching up to everybody. In these difficult financial times, good news is always there when you need it. I’m so delighted that I can share my thoughts about not being incompetent. No one is. Current events can sometimes be tragic. But in order for happiness to come, there must be a tragic point. A limited budget is better than no budget at all. The poor are always rich. And the rich are always poor. Have you ever asked a wealthy person if s/he is happy? Money is not always required. Sometimes the best things in life are always free. Without a job, I can sleep a lot, save money; I have a lot of freedom by not having a job.

Hey, it could be a lot worse. (^__^)

After the tsunami hit Japan and the China balloon-boom, there had been more suicides than ever in both countries. Times are fast-paced in our society. I can go fast like Sonic the Hedgehog!

I enjoyed Facebook and reading books. I’ve got a chance to ‘write’ my stories on there. I love the messages on my wall and sharing my mind about what’s up in my domain. So far, no one has said a bad word about me.

Hate Speech=Death!

Fall Risk=Fail Risk!

Since its National Novel Writing Month, I’ve decided to type/write 500+ words everyday. At this rate, I’ll be able to become a novelist and write a 1,000 page novel. Not to mention draw a 1,000 page graphic novel.

I can’t believe that Del Rey brought the rights to the controversial shojo comic Confidential Confessions. If only MTV would’ve brought the rights to the manga instead of the U.K. soap Skins.

What a waste of brain cells. In short, MTV is doomed!

Beavis and Butthead Doomed!

Happy unmerry birthday, MTV!

As a #1 fan of Cowboy Bebop, Apollo Ono should play Spike Spiel. I know. Mr. Reeves is too old(47). Give Apollo a chance. He’d be a good actor.

Just have faith. Always look on the bright side of life.

Go for broke!

It just comes to show that nobody’s perfect.

Nobody’s incompetent.

Everything and everyone’s got a point in their lives.

Might as well live.

They say that Earth is a living Hell….

but the punchline is….

This ‘Hell’ has a McDonald’s and Pokemon+ Card Captor Sakura!

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