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RE: “Rose Maiden” and so much more

Published November 30, 2011 by ladyserenity92

“Rose Maiden” aka: “Maiden Rose” are manga of the same story I posted about awhile back . In many counties, fans call the sexy-same-sex romantic war manga as an ode to ‘Gone with the Wind.’ Thanks to fans like me ‘Rose Maiden has began to gain steam in many circles. It’s a word-of-mouth graphic novel. I’ll keep you posted.

Rumors are flying that the now defunct manga company ‘TokyoPop’ wants to get back into the ring again. After the movie ‘Priest’ bombed at box-offices, TokyoPop has made the move to go right back into the publishing business and start from the bottom. As for Lady Gaga playing the role of Sailor Moon… It’s a no go, Hikaru!

In the great recession, manga and anime sales have skyrocketed during this holiday season. Cartoons are a billion-dollar business. Cartoons are recession-proof. And no one can’t resist cartoons. Cartoons are sometimes good investments.

The fight is over. They’ll be no more ‘whitewashing’ in Akria now that actor Ken Watanabe has been given a spot in the live-action film. Watanabe, who’s a twice cancer survivor was thankful to be given a role of a lifetime. What’s next for Watanabe-San(Mr.Watanabe)? an Oscar(TM)?


KFC! (Keeping fingers crossed)

Go for broke!

My Friend Mimi (esp.4)

Published November 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

That next day was day of the festival. You and your sister got dressed up and ready for that special day. Your sister wore a tank top and jeans; while you wore your sailor clothes. You examined yourself in the bathroom mirror. You noticed how short your hair was cut. .

You know what I think? When you were ten you always wanted short hair just like the girls in the teen and tween magazines you’ve liked so much. Your grandma once said that girls having short hair and boys having long hair was a sign of rebellion. You never stopped to think about a rebellion. Short hair for girls and long hair for boys was very popular back than. To me you looked lovely with short hair.

You and your sister finished up just as the door bell rang. Both you and your sister raced over to the door. You beat your sister to the door. You turned the doorknob and in front of you was Mimi with a man standing next to her. The man had red hair and wore blue jeans and a KISS t-shirt. You and your sister blushed as the man smiled warmly.

Mimi saw the glow on you and your sister’s face.

“This is my teacher, Mr. Hall,” Mimi introduced the man. “Mr. Hall this is Jesse and her sister Liora.”

Your sister studied Mr. Hall from head to toe. As she looked at him from head to toe, she felt her heart pounding. It pounded so fast, you thought that your sister would die happy in front of you.

Mr. Hall was a doll. In your mind you wished Mimi’s teacher would be your boyfriend. He was a rare blue rose. No wonder why your sister was crazy about him.

Mr. Hall saw your sister and smiled again.

“Hi, Roland.” Your sister replied gently.

“Hello, Jessica.” Mr. Hall returned. “Parker’s waiting for us in the car. we don’t want to be late, so we better get a move on. The parking spaces get full this time of year.”

“Yes,” your sister said, still blushing like a tomato. “Let’s go, Sis.”

You met Mimi’s brother Parker. He was seven and was three years younger than Mimi. Parker had a phobia of girls and women as you found out when you tried to shake his hand. He turned his back to you. He was afraid and didn’t know you.

I hope you don’t hold a grudge to Mimi’s bother or towards other men and boys. Most people are like that. Most times some people change. (I said ‘some’; not all.) Maybe thirty years later you and Parker are getting along very well. And Parker is Mimi’s brother, after all.

Mr. Hall got to the festival on schedule and was fortunate to find a parking space. You got out of the car with everybody else and walked to the entrance of the festival gate. You and the others notice that there wasn’t as many people flooding the festival as the last time. The reason why was because there was a recession in New Jersey that spread all the world like a virus. Most people stayed home because they couldn’t afford to have fun.

That was one of the many reasons that your sister and your parents were giving you less allowance money.

By the gates of the entrance, two men were hitting on your sister.

“Look but don’t touch, boys.” Your sister rebuked.

“Ignore them,” Mr. Hall told her, “They don’t know that they have females in the family and treat women as pieces of meat.”

During the festival, you never let Mr. Hall nor your sister out of your sight. You, Mimi and Parker was in awe when you saw Mr. Hall holding your sister’s hand.

Your sister asked the three of you, “What ride do you guys want to go on first?”

“The Ferris wheel!” You all cried in unison.

“The Ferris Wheel it is! Let’s go.”

“Um, couldn’t we go on a different ride besides the Ferris wheel?” Mr. Hall asked. Mr Hall looked pale.

“Ferris Wheel!”You all said again.

The line to the Ferris wheel was long, but it was worth the wait. The rainbow steel and neon lights; it was like a dream machine. There are two rules about riding a Ferris wheel:

  1. You can’t ride the Ferris wheel by yourself.
  2. Someone has to ride with you.

Once you have a partner on the wheel, that partner becomes your friend or lover. Your mom always told you stories about meeting your dad on the Ferris wheel. And two months later your mom and dad got married. After the next group of people got off it was you, your sister and your friends turn.

As the five of you got inside and sat down, the man closed the door tight. The ride went up to the top. Down below the festival was a glow of lights, with the sound of music. Mr. Hall glanced far into the nightly heavens of the milky way. Mr. Hall was deep into his thoughts.

“Mr. Hall, what are you thinking about?” Mimi questioned.

Still watching, Mr. Hall spoke. “I’m reflecting back to when I was a boy. I was young and had freedom when I rode the Ferris wheel. It was my father, my mother, my three sisters and me on the wheel at the amusement park. This may be the last time I get to enjoy this freedom.”

You and everyone that was with you wanted to know what the true meanings of Mr. Hall’s words.

It was at the moment that Mr. Hall turned his glance to your sister.

When Mr. Hall looked into your sister’s brown eyes, his eyes were shining with tears.

Mr. Hall, are we ever going to see you again? Are you going to be alive to see Jesse? You said to yourself voiceless.

“Jessica,” Mr. Hall began, “from the first moment I saw you standing at the church, I knew that you were the only one that would be the one girl that would be my one and only. I knew it deep in my heart that we would be together. You were so pure and innocent. But the rumor that was started by Tonya soon went out of control.

“It was the lies of a twelve year old girl that made me hate you. On that day you opened the church doors, I saw you. In rage, I threw a bucket of holy water at you.  I should’ve gave you a chance to speak instead of a rumor to speak for itself. I was out of town when the rumor happened.

To Be Continued/Stayed Tuned

My Friend Mimi (esp. 3)

Published November 28, 2011 by ladyserenity92

That night as you lay in bed, you thought about Mimi and Roland Hall. You knew a little about Mimi, but not much about Roland Hall. Roland seemed to be a nice guy. Your sister was nuts about him when she was a kid. It had been thirteen years since your sister last saw him. Roland was fifteen when he met your sister; that would make Roland twenty-eight. She must still love Mr. Hall.

“I think things will turn out in the yellow,” * you say to yourself.

You couldn’t get to sleep, so you spend some time reading Catcher in the Ryeby J.D. Salinger. You loved Catcher in the Rye and Holden Caulfield adventures in New York. You and your sister went there in 2007 for the Marcy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I wonder if you still go to New York during Thanksgiving to see the Parade.  There was a tap on your door as it opened.

Your sister stepped inside your bedroom. “I knew you’d be up, kiddo.” She went over to your bed as you continued to read your book. She sat beside you and began talking to you.

“You know tomorrow is spring break,” she said.

Spring break; a week out of school and the spring festival. Do you remember the spring festival? The festival that you used to go to when it was springtime? Hmm? You and your sister would get shopping bags and and fill it up with lots of treats and gifts that they offer for free. You both would eat and rode on the rides. And you and your sister would eat cloud candy.**

You still love cloud candy and the spring festival, do you? I hope you still do, dearest me.

“Grandma sent you a sailor piece to wear to the festival on Tuesday.” your sister reminded.

You often act like a tomboy, but you sometimes like to be a girl once in awhile. That was what your mom and sister wanted you to be. Are you still a tomboy or have you gone back to being a girl?

No matter what you become, I still love you.

” I think you should get some sleep, Bookworm.” your sister said, taking away your book.

Your sister tucked you in and gave you kisses. She shut off the light and headed for the door. Before she left you to yourself, she told you, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight,” you whispered back. After your sister’s out, you turn on you nightlight and go to sleep.

As you slept in your bed, you dreamed of the festival, dressed in your sailor clothes.

You called Mimi the next day to tell her about the festival. You let the phone ring a few times, until you heard someone on the other end.

“Kim residents?” answered a  voice.

“Is Mimi there?” you answered.

“Who am I speaking to?”


“Oh, my granddaughter’s friend. One moment, please.”

You wait for a moment for Mimi.

“Hello?” Mimi answered.

“Hey, Mimi!” you said brightly.

“Hi, Liora.”

“I want to tell you about the spring festival on Tuesday.”

“The spring festival? Tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Ask your dad if you can come with my sister and me to the festival.”

Mimi paused. “Okay. I’ll ask him. I’ll put him on the other line.”

On the end of the line, their is a brief silence.

“Liora, are you still there? My daddy says it was alright.”

You pumped your fist in the air and cried ‘yes’!


The ‘but’ killed your joy.

You asked, “But what?”

“My daddy has to make an arrangement with your sister and Mr. Hall for us to go. Father has to go to Singapore on a business trip, Grandpa has to watch over our house; and Mother’s in Thailand at a women’s conference.”

That’s was when Mr. Hall clicked in your mind.

“Who’s Mr. Hall?” you asked.

“My teacher from school. His name’s Roland.”

It hit you in the head like a boomerang. Mr. Hall was the man that your sister loved as a little girl. You knew that you had to find someway to get your sister and Mr. Hall back together.

“My daddy’s going to call your sister at four-thirty this afternoon. Okay?

“Okay. Bye, Mimi.”


You shut off your pocket phone. You wished Mimi had a pocket phone of her own. Her parents wouldn’t let her have one until she was fourteen. And when she was sixteen, if she had a boyfriend and friends, she had to invite them to go with her with a chapone so they can be safe. Talk about strict.

Your sister Jesse was off for two days from her job at the diner. She was watching some soap-opera that afternoon. Jesse loved soap-operas a lot. You didn’t.

You were in the kitchen polishing up your book, when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it!” Jesse announced, dashing into the kitchen. Your sister took the phone from the receiver and began to talk.

You jumpped like a rabbit when your sister cried.

“Roland Hall, your daugther’s teacher? I used to go out with him. Sure. My little sister and I would love to go to the festival with him and your children. What time shall he pick us up? Seven? Okay, thanks. Goodbye.”

Your sister hung up the phone and danced around the kitchen. You smiled at her as she was dancing. Fate was on your side that day.

To be continued/Stayed tuned

*To turn good.

**Cotton candy.

My Friend Mimi (Esp.2)

Published November 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

The next day Joy’s mom woke you and Mimi up for brunch. You still like brunch, don’t you? You had Belgian waffles and Dunkin Donut bagels. Mimi had a bagel with cream cheese, jam and lox on top. You viewed Mimi as she munched on her bagel. You wanted to know how a bagel with cream cheese, jam, and lox taste like, so you mirrored her bagel and took a bit of it. It turned out it tasted good. With a glance in her eye, Mimi knew you liked the bagel.

“I never meet anyone else in New Jersey besides me and my grandpa who would eat a bagel like that.”

The bagel was so good that you and Mimi decided to help yourselves to another one. Along with a Dunkin Donut.

After brunch Mimi asked Mrs. Trenton if she could help with the dishes and cleaning up.

Mrs. Trenton replied, “I don’t see why not, dear. But I do wish my daughter was just like you.”

Joy stuck her tongue out at Mimi  after her mom said that.

You didn’t want Mimi to clean alone, so you volunteered to help Mimi out.

In the middle of washing and drying the dishes, Mimi and you sang to the music on the radio. You two dance and sang to the music on the radio.

Hey baby! Someone’s calling your name.

I want to take you out to the picture show, or maybe to the ice cream/candy store.

Why don’t you give me a call.

Only you can unlock the lock to my heart.

Hurry, my baby!

If you don’t give me a call, I will give you a scolding that will make you drop on the floor.*

Ring, Ring!

You and Mimi laughed so hard that you almost crashed the plate you had in your hand on the floor.

You both heard a car horn blow outside. Mrs. Trenton called, “Liora, your sister’s here to take you home!”

You replied,”tell her I’ll be right out!”

As you began to leave, Mimi stopped you on your way. “I have to give you my number.” Mimi spotted a note pad and pen on the counter. You both rushed over to the counter and exchanged each others phone numbers. You gave Mimi a hug and told her that you’ll see her again.

On the car ride home, your sister Jesse asked, “How was it at Joy’s?”

You told her, “It was okay. I’ve met a girl at the party.”

“You did?’

“Yep. Her name’s Mimi Kim.”

Your sister stopped the car abruptly. “Oh, my goodness! That’s Matthew Kim’s daughter.She was at the party. Oh, my. Liora, that’s wonderful.”

In the ten years of your life, you never had a real friend. Sure you had some goldfish, stuffed toys, your sister and other adults as friends; but you never had a kid your own age as a friend. To have a friend of your own was a static shock to your sister.

Your sister went on, “I’m so glad that you met Mimi. The poor thing. I met Mimi and her family at the diner last Christmas. Mimi’s dad told me that she was lonely and didn’t have any friends. If she did, they only liked her for her money. One time a girl became friends with Mimi and her family. Mimi found out that the girl was stealing things from her and her family. Mimi told her parents and the girl was U.S. history.

“Kids treat Mimi like gum on the sidewalk. I don’t know why, but Mimi’s a nice girl. If people overlook someone like Mimi, it’s their loss. I was just like Mimi. When I was eleven, a girl(that I thought was my best friend) spread a rumor that I had slept with the pastor’s fifteen year old son and had an abortion. When I met the boy at church, he threw a bucket of water at me. He called me a lousy chit and told me to leave him alone.

“Turns out that the girl had a crush on the pastor’s son, and that the boy liked me more than her. We’re no longer friends because of the incident, since the guy hates me now. I can’t forgive her and don’t even want to try. I never spoke to her again”

You thought about the boy that your sister lost. You asked your sister, “What was the boy’s name?”

Your sister replied, “Roland Hall. Saying his name sounds lusty.”

You swap your sister as you laughed. You both laughed as you rode home

To Be Continued/Stayed Tuned

*In some cultures, if a male yells at a girl (using bad words), it is a form of disrespect.

Q: What is ‘Rose Maiden’?

Published November 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Q: What is ‘Rose Maiden’?

A: ‘Rose Maiden is a sleeper war/drama/fantasy/yaoi that’s like a version of ‘Gone with the Wind with nude males getting it on during a fictional war. It’s a ‘sleeper’ yaoi. Only a few mangas of it had been out. At this time, there are no plans to release the anime nor the rest of the manga.

(^.__^) Very sad.

I’ve read ‘U don’t know Me.’

I fell in love with it. It should be made into a movie. It will be Korea’s next ‘Brokeback Mountain’! It’s open-minded and heart-opening. It’s so wonderful for Rakun to bring something so beautiful that’s taboo to light. South Korea’s one step away to allowing same-sex marriage rights to its gays and lesbians in their country. South Korea might become the first Asian-country to take a step forward to a brave-new world.

For now, ‘Rose Maiden’ will be downloaded onto bootleg websites.

Word of mouth is catching on about ‘The Rose’!

Go for broke!

Thanksgiving words of Thanks!

Published November 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

As 2011 wraps up, I want to thank God, my family and friends for keeping in their files. Thanks for the renewing faith that kept me going this year. As I suffered a nervous collapse over the summer holiday, you sent me post telling me not to give up. You have hope in me when I was about to give up.

As requested, I’m never gonna give up being a writer.

I’ve attached so many post about life, fun and the pursuit of happiness that this won’t be a renewal for in 2012; it will be a renewal for many years to come. I’m so into Lady Gaga being Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon! I can’t wait for the dragon to be unleashed in 2012.

You’ve been so wonderful in thinking about me. I know that blogs are free; but It isn’t enough to keep up with the demand. For now, I’m asking for donations via my PayPal account. Please send your offering to my link at

I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Holidays!

Go for broke!

Q: What is ‘Rose Maiden’?

Published November 23, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Q: What is ‘Rose Maiden’?

A: ‘Rose Maiden is a sleeper war/drama/fantasy/yaoi that’s like a version of ‘Gone with the Wind with nude males getting it on during a fictional war. It’s a ‘sleeper’ yaoi. Only a few mangas of it had been out. At this time, there are no plans to release the anime nor the rest of the manga.

(^.__^) Very sad.

I’ve read ‘U don’t know Me.’

I fell in love with it. It should be made into a movie. It will be Korea’s next ‘Brokeback Mountain’! It’s open-minded and heart-opening. It’s so wonderful for Rakun to bring something so beautiful that’s taboo to light. South Korea’s one step away to allowing same-sex marriage rights to its gays and lesbians in their country. South Korea might become the first Asian-country to take a step forward to a brave-new world.

For now, ‘Rose Maiden’ will be downloaded onto bootleg websites.

Word of mouth is catching on about ‘The Rose’!

Go for broke!

Published November 23, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This is an excellent site. —–Nathaniel

I always wanted to do a piece on Adventures in ZodiacLand. (Zodia.Com)

That’s a lovely website that might happen soon!

A 28-year old Korean-Judo-loving sweetie pie putting his skills in the bedroom with his ‘beast’.

Or a  pastor falling for his Catholic best friend. (A little girl whom he has known since childhood.)

A man who’s tries with the mob catches up with him when his cousin dies.

A Jewish boy wizard sets his eye on the prize: The daughter of a Christian pastor.

A melee has just begun.

This won’t be another ‘fairy tale’!

A new soap-story has begun!

Go for broke!

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