Dashboard Updates!

Published October 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Recently I’ve been checking my ‘dashboard’ for new trends to talk about. Two of the most favorite are about my children’s story: “Obon: Day of the Dead” and about South Korean actor/singer Rain. I have some bittersweet news to tell you about.

First the bitterness.

Rain has ‘retired’ from the entrainment business to focus on his military service. Rain gave his final picture (haircut and uniform) before deploying for duty. The 20-something year old performer has said that this is a sacrifice he must make for the sake of not only his country, but the world and his fans. Rain man’s training will be 21 months of hard work. As a military personnel, the former performer will get no special treatment.

I wish the best for Rain in making a sacrifice for his country.

Obon Odori

I wish that answer was easy. I have been delaying so many of my stories. Obon is the Japanese version of ‘Halloween’. I’ve been to an Obon festival hosted by the Japanese association here in Charlotte. The problem is that my story takes place on western Halloween. Obon takes place in the summer. It’s a very complex story. The best I can do is research and try my best to make amends.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Go for broke!


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