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Manhwa for Americans

Published October 23, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Last name first, First name last!

Comics(graphic novels) are recession-proof.

As South Korea becomes more open toward the US, Americans are getting a ‘taste’ of Korean Manhwa.

Koreans are the top consumers of graphic novels.

Manhwa is slowly catching on as Japanese manga and anime are on the decline.

On rare occasions, manhwa and manga art can be combined together to make a fairly new genre.

Graphic designers can be as creative in experimenting many art forms for their art.

Korean anime is also creeping back on shop selves like ‘Doggie Poo’ and ‘My Girl Mai’.

Christian-themed anime and comics are not as rare in South Korea, but are ‘sleepers’.

South Korean Christians outnumbering Buddhist and others non-Christians might be one of the reasons why Christian-comics are hard to sell.

“Saint Marie”  by Korean-Catholic Yang Yeo-Jin and Choi Kyung-ah’s ‘Snow Drop’ were one of top sellers in the Christain-themed Korean market.

The books overseas never sold and went out of print after the comic-boom ended in the late decade of 2009.

It’s not clear how will South Korean Manhwa will be picked up.

Only time will tell if Americans and Korean-Americans will fully embrace Korean Manhwa with their graphic novel collection.

On their bookshelves or eReaders.

Go for broke!

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