Going Paperless

Published October 5, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Although many people are now sending emails and using iPad instead of paper, I decided to ‘post’ this classic from the archives. Enjoy!

My teacher Mr. Leonard Russ has often told me (like most people) that I should type on the computer more than use paper to write. I do write on paper like most people, but nowadays more and more people are using the computer to write.

People have been writing on paper since paper was invented. After paper was the printing press. And later the typewriter. Now we have computers and pocket phones to ‘write’ out our stories and have our 15 minutes of fame.

Believe me, I am not going paperless anytime soon. Paper is a way to get my mind flowing. A few people (My teacher Ms. Aria Philips) have told me to write on paper, reread, rewrite and type on the computer. It still hold true to this day.

A world without paper is just plain boring. With the price of paper going up, more and more people are switching to computers as a way to save money. I’m having second thoughts on whenever to use paper or my computer.

I always get stuck reading e-mails and goofing off ,and blam! I lost time to write my story and lost the time of my friends and family wanting to read my story. I have decided to not spend so much time fooling around on the Internet and the e-mails and do the stories that I promised people that I  will publish in two months.

But first, I’ve got to think, research, and write on paper. Then when I reread and rewrite (on the computer), then I will get it done. Isn’t time we as people give paper a second chance?

Stayed Tuned!







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