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If you can’t say something nice…

Published August 16, 2011 by ladyserenity92

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
You might end up regretting what you said.
Bad words don’t taste good.
Even if someone’s getting on you, bite your lip.
Let it go.
Sweep it under the rug.
When you tell someone smack, you’ll feel stupid at the end.
My advice is as old as Father Time,
If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
Some people are smart; others are stupid!
Let the stupid people be. They’re losers.
Hang with the smart people; they’ll like you for you!

Go for Broke!

Tempura Thursday and More

Published August 13, 2011 by ladyserenity92

It was on a Thursday that I notice a zucchini and a bunch of celery going to waste. The zucchini was alone in a pack of rotting cucumbers. The store employees were unaware that zucchini cannot be in the same package as cucumber. It hurt me to know that I wanted to eat something ‘new’ instead of meat. My mom and nephew love meat everyday. I don’t like eating meat everyday myself. I’m a part-time vegetarian. I gazed at those sad vegetables and the brown rice in the cupboard. It hit me like a rock. I could make tempura and rice. I asked my mom if she minded that I make tempura and rice.

My mom thought that tempura was ‘Chinese’. (Tempura was in fact ‘Japanese’.) Mom gave me her blessing green light.

I once made tempura before five years ago. I failed.

Given a second chance, I learned from my mistake. I grabbed my rice cooker, the two boil-in-the bag brown rice and set up shop. For the ‘Chinese trick’, I added a cup of snow-white rice to the brown rice. I’m the only person in my African-American family that eats brown rice. In order to get my family to eat brown rice I mix in a cup of white rice to make it look like ‘Oriental rice’. I added water to the rice, plug up the cooker and set the lid. With the ‘Oriental rice’ in the cooker, I prepared the tempura.

I grabbed the zucchini and celery from the fridge and set it down on my chopping plate. After washing the vegetables, I peeled and cut the veggies into bite-sized pieces.

Here’s the part where I make ‘batter’.

I used ‘biscuit mix’, water and salt. I mixed it all up in a small bowl and coated the vegetables.

With hot oil ready, I carefully ‘dropped’ the coated veggies in the pan. I got so caught up with company, my mom had to remind me that the tempura was burning.

After all of the hard work, it all came down to the tasting. Mom and I loved the tempura and rice. Mom said that the tempura reminded her of the ‘Chinese restaurant’s version’. It didn’t matter to me. For the first time in my life I made American-style tempura and rice. I did it by using the ingredients I’ve already had. Plus my imagination.

If ever I’m invited into your home, I might make some tempura for you.


Go for Broke!

Korean Americans don’t know manhwa!

Published August 10, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post is for entertainment purposes only. It is Non-educational and may not be accurate.

In an unofficial survey, Japanese manga is the king of comics with North Americans.

As well as Dramas and pop artist like singers Rain and Boys over Flowers.

Next to that, they can’t stand the infamous Tiger Mom Amy Chung. (She’s like Ann Couture on parenting.)

But it comes to a shock that a few of my Korean friends don’t know manhwa.

Manhwa is one of the best kept secrets open to those who don’t want silly stories about sex-crazed Buddhist monks chasing schoolgirls in skirts.

Or robots.

Manhwa deals with real issues that many Koreans face today; such as homosexuality, suicide, drug abuse, religion; many of the situations that touch universally.

With the recent earthquake in Japan, Manga sales have fallen 76%. As well as a recession and a worldwide crises, manhwa prices have fallen as well.

With the iPad and e-readers outpacing paperbacks, the sale of comics have slowed down.

But for now, books and cartoons are recession-proof.

And by the way…

With more people getting their hands on comics and manhwa becoming more available

they’ll be a ‘comic’ book revival.

Then just maybe Korean Americans will know their motherland’s best kept secret that has been overlooked for 10 years.

I love Na Yeri ‘s  U Don’t know Me!

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In the spotlight

Published August 9, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I’m on the stage.

10,000 or more are watching me take a chance.

With a microphone in my hand,

I swallow my fears in the spotlight.

As the judges are studying my moves and voice

My time has come to bring my voice of light

into the darkness.

The spotlight shines on me.

This is my only chance to make me dreams come true.

This is the only shot that I will ever get to give it my all

and to fight my fear and insecurities.

Only my voice of light can save my soul from the darkness watching me.

I only got one chance to make it

in the spotlight.

When I saw American Idol, I knew I had to write a poem about a shy young flower’s shyness as she hopes to become a starlet under the spotlight.

As the young woman is caught under the lights on stage she’s wishing that her voice will make her and not break her. The girl tells the reader that she only has one chance to overcome the ‘darkness’ with her voice. What I never tell you about the nameless girl is about her upbringing or what led her to present herself in this plight.

The former title was originally called “Starlight”. But I decided to choose “In the Spotlight” in the last minuet.

After you’ve read this poem, you’ll say to yourself and think, ‘Is she ‘me’?’

Thanks for your commits!

Go for broke!

The King’s Speech

Published August 8, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I love The King’s Speech. You often don’t find a historical ‘bromance’ film that doesn’t gross you out. The King’s Speech is fresh and funny. There’s something that the movie never point’s out. In spite of his Stuttering, King George VI also had autism. George VI had a shield of love within his wife and daughters. The greatest friend that ever came into his life was his teacher Lionel Louge.

The movie captures so much in Colin Flint and Geoffrey Rush as the student-teacher/best friends as they break down walls and the house. They shine at the end of the movie when England is forced into a war with Germany. It is when King George VI comes of age to deliver his first address to his people.

Drama…coming of age…historic bromance. There are no explanation nor words to put in this film about one man’s self-discovery and another man’s true calling to a new dream. To hell that “The King’s Speech” is rated R. It’s rated :Remarkable for everyone who feels alone in this cold uncaring world.

Rent or buy “The King’s Speech.” You’ll be cheering over the film’s message: No matter who you are or what your status is; you can overcome adversity just by trying.

Go for broke.

The cancellation of “Only the ring Finger Knows”

Published August 7, 2011 by ladyserenity92

After 4 graphic novels, the cancellation of “Only the Ring Finger Knows” came as a shock to me. I was saddened and crushed at the premature end of such a wonderful series.

Maybe someday some publisher will revive the series so we can get to know the conclusion to the two star-crossed lovers.

Only time may tell.

Go for broke.

I can’t wait for….

Published August 5, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I can’t wait for autumn.

I can’t wait for the summer slump to end.

I can’t wait for the dog days to come to an end.

I can’t wait to read and write once more.

I can’t wait to know that there’s always a rainbow waiting outside for me to enjoy.

Go for broke.

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