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In the spotlight

Published August 9, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I’m on the stage.

10,000 or more are watching me take a chance.

With a microphone in my hand,

I swallow my fears in the spotlight.

As the judges are studying my moves and voice

My time has come to bring my voice of light

into the darkness.

The spotlight shines on me.

This is my only chance to make me dreams come true.

This is the only shot that I will ever get to give it my all

and to fight my fear and insecurities.

Only my voice of light can save my soul from the darkness watching me.

I only got one chance to make it

in the spotlight.

When I saw American Idol, I knew I had to write a poem about a shy young flower’s shyness as she hopes to become a starlet under the spotlight.

As the young woman is caught under the lights on stage she’s wishing that her voice will make her and not break her. The girl tells the reader that she only has one chance to overcome the ‘darkness’ with her voice. What I never tell you about the nameless girl is about her upbringing or what led her to present herself in this plight.

The former title was originally called “Starlight”. But I decided to choose “In the Spotlight” in the last minuet.

After you’ve read this poem, you’ll say to yourself and think, ‘Is she ‘me’?’

Thanks for your commits!

Go for broke!

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