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The King’s Speech

Published August 8, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I love The King’s Speech. You often don’t find a historical ‘bromance’ film that doesn’t gross you out. The King’s Speech is fresh and funny. There’s something that the movie never point’s out. In spite of his Stuttering, King George VI also had autism. George VI had a shield of love within his wife and daughters. The greatest friend that ever came into his life was his teacher Lionel Louge.

The movie captures so much in Colin Flint and Geoffrey Rush as the student-teacher/best friends as they break down walls and the house. They shine at the end of the movie when England is forced into a war with Germany. It is when King George VI comes of age to deliver his first address to his people.

Drama…coming of age…historic bromance. There are no explanation nor words to put in this film about one man’s self-discovery and another man’s true calling to a new dream. To hell that “The King’s Speech” is rated R. It’s rated :Remarkable for everyone who feels alone in this cold uncaring world.

Rent or buy “The King’s Speech.” You’ll be cheering over the film’s message: No matter who you are or what your status is; you can overcome adversity just by trying.

Go for broke.

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