Rain is ready for Hollywood!

Published June 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

On my last post, I blogged about South Korean Actor/musician Rain(aka: Jeong Ji-hun). Out of thousands of fans that stayed silent, a devoted fan told me to take a second look. I did watch “Speed Racer”. After listening to just a few of his songs off YouTube, Rain Man has made a name for himself. In fact this year he made it into People magazine’s Most Influential People list of 2011 for a third time.He’s stared in two American movies (Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin). The fans of Rain have spoken to Tyler Perry: This guy ready for the big top!

Rain knows the ropes. On the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, they’ve been rumors that actor/model Zero Kazama will provide the voice of the blue heroe. Because of the resent earthquake in Japan, it’s too soon to jump into the waters right now. Production might begin in 2012/13. I’ll keep you posted.

Rain chooses roles that fit his image and maturity.Rain has albums in Korean, and English. Donating coats to American’s homeless on GMA, Rain has shown his ‘Christian’ spirit. In Jin’s opinion, Rain deserves another chance at stardom.

Tyler Perry could use a guy like Rain. Perhaps in a Christmas story about an adoptive man who ruins Christmas for his adoptive family. The man is a real ‘Christmas weaker’. Ordered by cameo ‘judge’ Alex Ferrero, the young is ordered to spend Christmas with his loved ones. Spending Christmas means coming back home.

The real reason why he’s such a ‘Grinch’…. the man was molested by a church pastor and has hated anything that has to with Christmas or with Christians.

When he meets up with a female childhood friend, he doesn’t realized that she’s the niece of the preacher that molested her friend.

The movie: Christmas Sentence.

Don’t hold your breath; these are just ‘what-if’ summaries.

Go for broke!

Happy B-day, Sonic!




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