Homesick for Japan

Published June 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I’m feeling homesick for Japan.

And I’ve never left the United States.

Since the day the tsunami and earthquake hit the country, I wanted to go to the Land of the Rising sun.
Why is there a restriction from the U.S. Government barring us from traveling to Japan until 2012?
Why aren’t we as human beings putting aid into helping Japan clean up?
Why are so many Japanese Americans talking about doing something to help and aren’t doing anything but talk?
I don’t care about Whitey Bolen being caught with his pants down….
I want to know how I can help Japan.
Even if we are living in a ‘butterfly’ warp just like Dr. Michiko Kaku says, we cannot complain and make up excuses.
It’s up to us to act out and pitch in to help!
Save Japan=Save America!
Thanks, Maski!
Go for broke!


3 comments on “Homesick for Japan

  • If we can’t go there we can help in other ways. Many of us have opened our wallets. Seems like something that is easy to do but better than nothing. Before I retired I organized a donation though the matching gift program at the office. Our company matched our gift so it was doubled.

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