Gone, but will return someday!

Published June 23, 2011 by ladyserenity92

The death of rising anime/manga pusher Satoshi Kohn and the devastation of Japan marks the end of innocence.

But as I see in the hopes of people all over giving aid, Japan will in time be anew.

Japan has come to realise the need to make same-sex marriage into law and other laws of tolerant be written into the constitution of the Diet Cabinet.

I cannot express how saddened that the nation has loss its way of life.

And we as a world has grieved with you.

I know that the ‘Land of the Rising sun’ will never set.

Not as long as there are enemies and friends helping one another.

The Yakuza gangs that once dominated the obscure darkness of the underworld,

have since put down their guns and picked up the pieces of their shattered cities.

In every news report full of truth and myths,

there has never been one report of a suicide attempt.

In a nation of morning, there is no time for death.

Just a time for grieving,

a time for working,

and a time for enjoying life.

families that were left behind are now being invited into the homes of strangers.

 Foreigners are shaking hands with ordinary Japanese residents of their adoptive home land.

In many parts of Japan,

you can see children leaning the language of love from missionaries from all over.

You can see artisans and workers building bridges of unity.

In America,

you are given a false ‘glimpse’ that Japan is rich and doesn’t need any money.

As well as the ‘foreign-born’ that has turned its back on its own people.

Anyone who turns his back on his/her own race is nothing more than a ‘traitor’ of their own race.

We have been always left in the dark that Japan was part of the Axis during WWII.

Or, so you think?

If you can find a copy of a graphic historical fiction novel “Adolf”, you’ll be given a ‘rude’ wake up call.

The Japanese learned about ‘the real’ truth about Adolf Hitler.

In defiance, the Japanese people gave many Jews shelter from the Nazis.

In fact, there are some Japanese citizens that are converts to Judaism and Roman Catholicism.

Most baby boys in the country are named Matthew.

While baby girls are named Anna.

You’ll be shocked to find merchandise of “WWII” culture in Japan.

Before you become shocked that Prince Harry dressed up as a Storm Tropper,

Go back and dig deeper into the files of the “Axis” cabinet.

Keep Japan in your hearts!

Go for broke!

A few days ago I saw a cherry tree amid the rubble in time magazine.

It still standing.





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