Published June 19, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I have seen cute cookies.

Yes, I do love the television show Iron Chef.♥

 ラムゼイ(I can write and translate me blog into almost any language from the Google translator©!

I want to show more cartoons, cookies, royal family jokes and cute as hell items!

I’m sad to say

Coming on July 19th, my blog will be obsolete.

That’s when you my fans come in.

Coming monday I’ll be working round the clock for my first Blog-a-thon.

No joke. This is no lie!

Each day I’ll be posting around the clock to rise money to save my weblog.

I need your help to keep this post going and get a second one running.

Blame it on the crises in Japan and a global recession!

I know it’s a crying shame.

The goal I’m aiming to raise is $20,000 USD.

I’m counting on you to pull no punches.

Write to!

Donate to my site!

Don’t let lose your only voice of reason.

Act right away!

Go for Broke!


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