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A ‘note’ about ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’

Published June 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

It has been 10 years since I wrote my groundbreaking novel.

As we aproach the 10th anniversary of September 11, one story that has haunted me is Such Sweet Sorrow.

It was one of my first novels to tackle mature and adult issues such as adult-child relationships, cousin-incest; sexual awakening and longing. Many of the taboo subject matters that Butterfly and Ray face during the summer before 9-11.

This isn’t a story about the loss of innocence; it’s about a young woman’s awakening with her cousin whom she’s fallen in love with.

The lines of right and wrong are closed. There’s no love nor lust. It is a revelation of an era that was. An era that will never be the same.

The day the Twin Towers crashed on 9-11, was the day the innocence of America came to an end.

“Such Sweet Sorrow” is a bittersweet story about incestal love in an era that was destroyed forever.

I hope to get a chance to finish up the novel just in time.

Go for broke.

Facebook Chain

Published June 28, 2011 by ladyserenity92

It’s been a month since I’ve been on the ‘chain’.

Facebook chain.

When a person sends a friend request, more friends climb aboard your train.

As a result, you have a ‘Facebook chain.’

It’s too bad that you have to types notes to your passages that’s part of your chain.

Just be yourself!

Real friends love you for you.

Go for broke!

Rain is ready for Hollywood!

Published June 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

On my last post, I blogged about South Korean Actor/musician Rain(aka: Jeong Ji-hun). Out of thousands of fans that stayed silent, a devoted fan told me to take a second look. I did watch “Speed Racer”. After listening to just a few of his songs off YouTube, Rain Man has made a name for himself. In fact this year he made it into People magazine’s Most Influential People list of 2011 for a third time.He’s stared in two American movies (Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin). The fans of Rain have spoken to Tyler Perry: This guy ready for the big top!

Rain knows the ropes. On the 20th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, they’ve been rumors that actor/model Zero Kazama will provide the voice of the blue heroe. Because of the resent earthquake in Japan, it’s too soon to jump into the waters right now. Production might begin in 2012/13. I’ll keep you posted.

Rain chooses roles that fit his image and maturity.Rain has albums in Korean, and English. Donating coats to American’s homeless on GMA, Rain has shown his ‘Christian’ spirit. In Jin’s opinion, Rain deserves another chance at stardom.

Tyler Perry could use a guy like Rain. Perhaps in a Christmas story about an adoptive man who ruins Christmas for his adoptive family. The man is a real ‘Christmas weaker’. Ordered by cameo ‘judge’ Alex Ferrero, the young is ordered to spend Christmas with his loved ones. Spending Christmas means coming back home.

The real reason why he’s such a ‘Grinch’…. the man was molested by a church pastor and has hated anything that has to with Christmas or with Christians.

When he meets up with a female childhood friend, he doesn’t realized that she’s the niece of the preacher that molested her friend.

The movie: Christmas Sentence.

Don’t hold your breath; these are just ‘what-if’ summaries.

Go for broke!

Happy B-day, Sonic!



Homemade pictures w/Frame

Published June 26, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Here`s a craft that`s so easy to make, it doesn`t cost much money.
 You take a picture (via websites. They have millions of pictures to download and print.) A picture of your own is ok; doesn’t matter.
 After you have your choice picture, go to a dollar store or craft store and buy a picture frame. If you’re in the store ask a store attended to set up your frame for you. Or, if you prefer the DIYWL* tactic, decorate your picture frame. Remove the back of the frame and place your picture (blank side facing in front of you; with the picture downward on the glass) into the frame. Close the back of the frame. You now have a homemade framed poster as a gift .
You can give it as a gift of keep it for yourself to enjoy.
Go for broke!
*Do it yourself with love!

“Fake” in real life?!

Published June 25, 2011 by ladyserenity92

As GLBTS Pride Month wraps up, I just has a dream that just can’t stay concealed in my head…. 
It was last night I had a super- forbiden dream.  I was watching Sanami Matoh`s manga`Fake` on HBO/Showtime in live-action. There was a real Ryo McLean, Dee and a cast of others from the pages of the graphic novel. Even Ryo and Dee were in the shower making out together. It was so real I had a nose bleed on my pajamas. It could have been a rumor from the TMZ website.
Do you think that “FAKE” can come on and make lots of female fans’ have nose bleeds of excitement? Could it happen? Is America ready for this?
I hate to pop your balloons….
 The problem is that Sanami Matoh(Moth-Sensei) wants her ‘men’ to be the real-to-life Van McCoy.
Bottom line, the ‘Moth’ doesn’t want any funny business done to her good-hard work.
Randy(Ryo) is Scotch Irish–Japanese and Dee is an Italian–Puerto-Rican with a shot of African-American in his blood.
MTV has just recently canceled “Skins”.
homosexuality no longer sells in America.
(Yet, we’re got there with ‘Milk’ at the Oscars.)
There’s no snowball chance that they’ll be a “Fake” Television show anytime soon.
Not to mention… Tokyopop has just closed its North American headquarters permanently.
For now, catch-all the Tokyopop titles before they become out of print.
All you can do is dream.
Here’s one to get you started:
Someday, dreamers! One day.
Go for broke!

Homesick for Japan

Published June 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I’m feeling homesick for Japan.

And I’ve never left the United States.

Since the day the tsunami and earthquake hit the country, I wanted to go to the Land of the Rising sun.
Why is there a restriction from the U.S. Government barring us from traveling to Japan until 2012?
Why aren’t we as human beings putting aid into helping Japan clean up?
Why are so many Japanese Americans talking about doing something to help and aren’t doing anything but talk?
I don’t care about Whitey Bolen being caught with his pants down….
I want to know how I can help Japan.
Even if we are living in a ‘butterfly’ warp just like Dr. Michiko Kaku says, we cannot complain and make up excuses.
It’s up to us to act out and pitch in to help!
Save Japan=Save America!
Thanks, Maski!
Go for broke!

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