A Chat with Gemma

Published April 28, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Occupational Hazard.

Gemma’s facing a crises that no office lady(nor anyone) else for that matter want to face.

Gemma’s going to be release from her job come May.

She just moved to Paris.

She doesn’t have a backup plan; nor doesn’t want to go back home.

The best I could tell her….


Go Soak up the sun!

Please read her blog.

Go for broke!

Good luck, Gem! Hang in there!


5 comments on “A Chat with Gemma

  • Wow thanks for this! You’re so sweet.

    With all you guys in blog-land helping me out, I’m sure to find my perfect job, and in no time at all.

    In the meantime, I’ll make the most of the sunshine, as you suggested.

  • Hi! Thanks for checking in. I’ve decided to move back to Australia, so I’ve been enjoying my unemployment in France. Been making the most of it to travel around, visiting friends and family. I’ll be back in Oz in one week’s time, and have a casual job waiting for me – I’ll look after the marketing for a friend’s fashion label.

    How are things with you? Are you working at the moment?

    Happy holidays!

  • I’m glad that you decided to return home, Gemma! Right now, I’m already working. Happy Christmas, Christmas Child! I’m glad you’re a star!

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