Rare ‘treats’ are being discoverd!

Published April 16, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I’ve heard the news all over.

ABC has decided to put down One life to live and All of my Children after 40 years. As of Sept. 2011 and Jan.2012, the era of American Soaps will be a thing of the past. So start collection those Blue Rays and DVDs while you can.

And be sure to thank the cast via fan video, vmail, email; or in person.

No more Oprah.

No more Regis.

Those days are gone.

The end of innocence?

I don’t think so.

I doubt it.

Rare ‘treats’ are just being discovered.

More new discoveries are just being to bloom.

Lady Gaga has just been casted in a role of a lifetime.

She’s recently won the part in the live-action adaption of ‘Sailor Moon.’

Gaga as Sailor Moon?

Lady Gaga has even stepped in to work on production with graphic novelist author Naoko Takashi on set.

The movie will drop fall 2012.

Just the beginning.

Go for broke.

Go to Google.com to see an “Updated” exclusive Charlie Chaplin short.

Now politically ‘correct’ for a new generation.

The British invasion’s back!


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