lovechild82 : Blog – TOKYOPOP

Published April 12, 2011 by ladyserenity92

lovechild82 : Blog – TOKYOPOP.

For all the tigers, rabbits and others who think they are losing.

Apparently, I do suck at blogging. —-(Charlie Sheen) Losing!

150 years; we haven’t learned ‘jack splat’.

20 years…. Still no signs of ‘Splats’ the robot-wrabbit in any Sonic the hedgehog game.

Hey, Chuck! Let me break it in fragments to you….

It’s just that you are faced with writer’s block, deadlines and a lot of ‘chaos’ that gets dished out at you.

I’ve been decked by a lot of people with their cards and their dirty tricks.

I have ‘another’ trap card up my sleeve.

Hong Kong Justice.

In Hong Kong, if a person has betrayed you, you have to use your weapon to settled the matter.

The catch… you have to use your hands and your head.

How many times has an outsider won without bloodshed?

I will give you ‘one’ of many ‘winner’ who used ‘Hong Kong’ justice tomorrow.



not suck

At Blogging at all.

Go get ’em, tiger!


Go for broke!


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