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Super Moon=Super Nonsense!

Published March 19, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Old wives tales and folklore often tell about strange things that happen when there’s a full moon.

Mainly it’s because for thousands of years, there have been stories about the moon.

There had been about kingdoms, and dragons; angels falling in love with muggles.

Some tales have been forgotten;others have been revived for a new generation.

I hate to burst your ‘dream bubble’.

Things happening at the full moon are just ‘moonshine.’

A supermoon is just a once in a lifetime display.

This is why you shouldn’t believe in old wives’ tales.

Old wives tales are not to be taken too seriously.

And ‘telling’ moonshines on other people hurts everybody.

Careful with the old wives tales.

They can change people.

I can’t wait ’til then!

Go for broke!

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