British Jokes!

Published February 25, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Well, they’re back! At the Royal family’s request, it’s the return of ‘British Jokes’! No one is safe from a little ‘satire’ from an American(Yankee)! congrats to Will and Kate on their engagement!

Good luck! I pray that you two survive after the wedding!

Here are some ‘fresh’ jokes. Enjoy a bellyful of laughs!

Q:What’s Mother Nature’s favorite drink at the forest gift shop in Stonehenge?

A:Root beer.


How do dinosaurs come out of a pool?


They come out all ‘Wet’.


Did you see an episode of Cops UK where Chief Gordan Ramsey was arrested?


No, what was Ramsey arrested for?


He was caught beating an egg in front of the Royal family. 😀

How do you tame a wild teddy bear?

You give it a sweet.

Until next time, cheerio!

Go for broke!

These jokes are for entertainment purposes only. They have no intention to harm nor offend any minorities.  


2 comments on “British Jokes!

    • I always read the jokes that I write and taste the soup before seriving it to the guest.
      When in dout, I visited the media and the ‘real’ people in person. In fiction, life or death.
      You have to study both fiction and reality.
      We live in a semi-sterotypical world.

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