Self-Update!(Inside the “Bell Jar”)

Published February 19, 2011 by ladyserenity92

You’re wondering why I haven’t posted up any new entries for the past four days.

I’m sad to tell my fans that I had a brush with depression and suicide for the pass seven months.

I know with the recession, my family; class/racial bullying and so much going on, I felt like I was trapped in my own Bell Jar that I could not get out of.

Silvia Plath was jus like that.

To this day, not too many people know her.

Silvia Plath made the dission to end her life.

She will always remind me of the things that I would lose had I been successful.

In a world like this everybody always feel like they’re in a Bell Jar.

There is a way out.

Death isn’t one of them.

There are more people who love me more than people who hate me.

As you take little steps out of your bell jar, there will always be someone who hands you a ‘moon bell’ to break yourself free.

Hang on to hope and

Smile. 🙂

Go for broke!


2 comments on “Self-Update!(Inside the “Bell Jar”)

  • I’m sorry to hear you have been having a rough time. And very happy you are back. Can’t say as I know exactly how you feel, but I have struggled with clinical depression for years. To me it’s like falling down a black hole periodically. Reach out for the hands of those who love you. To hell with them that don’t.

  • Trinity, did you know what you just become?

    My first ‘bloggie’!

    Others take note,

    Join the table!

    Jump into the pool!

    Write back anytime, Trinity!

    You’ve entered “The Matrix”!

    Welcome aboard!

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