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Published February 16, 2011 by ladyserenity92

I had to ‘revised’ this piece in the wake of humor.

It’s sad how so many mothers trying to give hope in a new country are now faced with the loss of their children.

My heart and prayers go out to the nation of Japan and its people.

Holla back, Feggie & the Black Eyed Peas!

Go for broke!

Americans sure don’t!

Just a few do.

This is just a ‘satire’ poem. It’s not meant to offend anyone nor is it tried to any current event.

Post not working in Firefox.

Millions of half-Japanese children are facing a real-life ‘spirited Away’ dream.

They are living in a land of anime and cram-school days.

Thanks in part of their Japanese mothers and the Japanese government.

No joint-cusotities.

Many fathers are frighten.

As Golden Week comes,

Li (Sharyaon)and Sakura flushable dolls are flying off the selves.

Li kisses Sakura….

and Sakura’s cheeks glow red with love.

(Awww, young love.)

Sorry, dads!

America doesn’t have the best things that the outside has.

Post not working in Firefox.

America’s has just been disconnected.

Synanoa, kids!

Go for broke!


2 comments on “Post not working in Firefox

  • It’s ‘Blushing’! I was was meaning to state ‘When Li kisses Sakura, Sakura’s cheeks glow red like a cherry.’
    That’s one word that will be banned from my lexopeidia!
    Flushable=Obsulet word.
    To turn red in the face.

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