Another Monday; Another look on the highway ahead.

Published February 7, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Hi, cyberellas and cyberfellas! 

I was super lucky and happy to see not only your websites,

but also a bit about yesterday’s Superbowl Game.

As you guys know by now.

(websites) on yahoo and much of the parts of the cyber-vine.

The game was much better than the comomusals.

In point… I ‘blacked out’ in a haze of sleep.

Green Bay Packers won over the Pittsburg Steelers!

Glad that’s over.

Your topics and responses on my blog are excellent.
I get a lot in your responses most of the day. 

(WAB)*, I really thank your very much!

by the way, Mocking Jays…

 the themes of your revolutionary blogs are….




Just where can you find the place that’s ‘it’ to you or me?


I think you came for a visit to me website.

 So here I am!

I am trying to find new things to improve my web!

Charlotte is now living in my closet 😀

A real spider that I named after a timeless coming of age novel by E.B. White.

Whenever I need a reminder that when I feel down,

“She” there in my closet telling me that I am a “somebody”.

Another one of God’s creature’s that has come into my life.

I’ll always remember my “Charlotte”!

“Welcome back to earth, Charlotte!”

Is it ok if I could use some of the many letters on the things that you  saw here?

Drop me a post in 10 days, if you can!

See ya!

Go for broke!

There are times and days that I just love reading and posting more than having two slices of pie.

(Lines, Smlines!) 

I’m going without a script.

But sometimes I think I can always add some extra value with a little help.

Cheers !


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