“No English classes needed” Or “Even a donkey can learn a new langage”

Published February 2, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This is only a suggestion. It might not work for everyone and each success story is different. It you want to try it out…

Good luck, friend.

If you get in trouble….

That’s your misfortune!

Leave me and this post out of it.

If you`re having trouble learning a new foreign language, why not listen to music or watch subtitled/semi-subtitled media in the language you’re studying in?

Studies have found that people who listen to sound media dubbed in another language(with or without subtitles), after the first playing of the original media is played side by side three times a day for 3-6 months, can learn a new language much faster. It also works when there is a read-along/ sing-a-long version with a book along with a media disk. As a result, people who may be vision-impaired or have some other disability can ‘listen’ with their ‘minds’. The listener learns more new words with more than just the flow of music.

Discretion notice!

There is a ‘string and tag’ message to the gift.

You must be committed to read, watch; scribe(write/type) and sing everyday.

It involves practice and hard-core commitment.

Hard work.

Just come to show,

If you want to eat,

you’ve got to dance to earn it.

And it won’t be no easy picnic in the park.

How did one of the 32 Chilean ‘miners’ survive to get his 15-moments of ‘free pie’ on US television?

Go for broke! 


2 comments on ““No English classes needed” Or “Even a donkey can learn a new langage”

  • I love to learn languages. What you are suggesting here is a great idea.
    Been watching the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy with subtitles, made in Sweden. Studied Japanese in college and watch Japanese movies now and then to see how well I can still follow them.

    • Sorry, I’m a student-teacher!(Bubble-wrapper bursting.)
      What’s best for you is up to you.
      Don’t stop what you’re doing.
      One day others will follow your good-example.
      For now, you and I are just roinns.
      Plus, rivals!
      But someday, you’ll have a rival that will be you’re student and follow you.
      Do what’s best for you!

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