Just an ‘old-fastioned’ post. (Or, is it?)

Published February 1, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Hello, again!

It’s the time to….

Smile 🙂

(“Even when there’s rain on your birthday picnic; and you’re alone by yourself.”)

As you want to hear some happy news….

I’ve got my Adult high school diploma!

Since this is the first day of February, 2011.

My blog needs some new upgrading….

The year of the rabbit(Bunny or hare)…

I can go shopping,

buy new stuff,

get rid of old things that I no longer need!


But there is a time to let go of old things and embrace the things that are new.

The world is changing.

For the people who cannot accept the neo-generation….

get used to it.

I once had a goldfish that I kept isolated in its own bowl.

There were other fish that wanted it to join them in the great wide world.

I rather not go into the ‘morbid end’ of the story.

Let’s celebrate everyday!

Make the good and bad days a day to celebrate!

Happy Chinese New  year!

Celebrate the goodness in your life.

Win or lose.

Go for broke!

I’m pleased to announced that because of  a little known ‘indie’ (underground) movie “American Pastime”(Dir. Desmond Nakamura), the old slogan ‘Stay tuned’ has now been retired.

Rest in peace ‘Stay tuned’! (2008-2011)

‘Go for broke'(2011-ongoing)

Stay tuned!( Get one last look. this will be the last time this slogan will be posted.)


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