List about ‘Nothing’

Published January 30, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post is for everybody that had some ‘bumps’ in the road of ‘redemption’.

I was sad that Ted Williams who had some ‘bumps’ along the road to recovery ‘relapsed’.

In spite of the love and support that everyone tried to give him,

he made the decision to go back to the streets of ‘broken’ promises.

Ted Williams was once a great man.

If those damn poppy and lotus sellers haven’t gotten a hold of him in the first place

he would be a man with a name.

Ted, if you are reading this post,

you have two gates of destiny to go.

One of freedom; the other of darkness.

Pray for Ted Williams.

Don’t give up, Bro!

Hang in there!

Stay gold!

Go for broke!

cute cookie, cute cartoon cookie, cutest cookie ever, cute cookies, joke “what does a piece of fruit sleep on”?

Teddy bear, come to the light!

We have more to offer than just ‘cookies’ and jokes.



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