“Analog” Therapy

Published January 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post isn’t intended to replace treatment from a physician. It is just a reference only. If you need to find a program that’s right for you or a loved one, please consult you doctor and make sure that reasearch a must on your list.

Have you noticed a ‘rare’ type of therapy that’s slowly creeping its way into the field of alternative medicine?

It’s called “Analog” therapy.

‘Analog’ therapy is just a type of treatment that makes you go back to what you were doing before you got into a plight.

 ‘Analog’ treatments consist of taking a ‘resting time’ form your ‘pressure point’ and slowing taking your time.

Some are ‘free’ time treatments;

and others are ‘timed-limited’.

It’s like a type of ‘siesta’.

I’ve only read about this in the pages of O Magazine.

But I really don’t know if the therapy is real.

That’s for you to find out.

Go for broke!


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