Buy now, pay later!

Published January 12, 2011 by ladyserenity92

If memory hands me a summons to my mind, I remember a principle telling us schoolchildren; ‘what you do now; you must pay it later’.

Now & Later candy.

Because of recent snow storms in the Northeast, southeast; the laziness; in fact… we even had a shooting in Tucson, Arizona that was unprepared. The result: nine dead, dozens wounded; and a young Senator is fighting for her life. She’s in critical condition. It doesn’t look good.

Bad moon rising.

The bottom line is, stuff does happen if you dismiss people, a ‘harmless’ joke… or someone’s time.

You buy something that is with a bad interest, the repo-company of plight will make you pay for it big time!

The things you do to someone(good or evil) you will pay for it later.

It happened to Dan White.(suicide.)

It happened to the bullies of Tyler Clementi(Resigned &dropped out. Futures behind them. Reps destroyed.)

Tiger Woods(Lost his wife, kids. Lost everything!)

These are ‘just’ a list of people who paid with ‘interest’.

As a result; these people paid the ultimate price.

That includes John Edwards.


Baby daddy.



Guys and gals… please be cool. Don’t be fools.

When you decide to choose something to pay a friend, family member…whoever it is.

Please use three forms of payment.

  1. A brain
  2. A heart
  3. A second opinion.(if possible)

As for the snow storm. In its third day, it was decided that the make-up day will be held on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.


Sad to say, if we only have control of the calendar;

then we would all be one happy clams on Kafka’s Shore.

Blame mother nature.

To top the cherry on the Cherry Coke.

The US of A is now ‘forced’ to pay the thousands of wrongfully imprisoned, and innocent people billions of our money for the government’s mistake.

Just like the rest of the world.

Payback is a mindbitch!

Stayed Tuned!

This blog is for entertainment purposes only, and does not represent; nor the blogist themselves.

For Dick Belzer.(Munch)


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