“The golden ticket” holder!

Published January 5, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Yesterday was the “Mega-Millions” drawing.

On my radio the newscaster said that the unidentified ‘winner’ has the ‘golden’ lottery ticket within the Charlotte area.

If the winner is revealed, they will spilt the winnings with another winner.

As a young child, I always loved “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

A rags-to-riches tale about a nine-year old boy named Charlie Bucket; with beat all the odds to get the true ‘reward’ that was hidden in candy and temptations.

As a nine-year old, Roald Dahl told me that no matter the odds that adversity throws you, you will get your reward.

The same thing is true in 2011 with a sixteen-year-old young woman who beat the odds for standing up for herself, in spite of  a cold and uncaring dictatorship that wanted to crush her.

The golden ticket is in Suzanne Collins’s novel “Catching Fire”.

A part of  novels of the “MockingJay Trilogy”.

Millennium Trilogy(Stieg Larsson)

The Bible

So many positive books about never giving up hope in the darkness of adversity.

As for anyone

Author, person or whoever you are…

I now know reading does set a person free.

As I find the winning ticket

in the pages of my rented book,

I will give thanks to God

(Just like Margret in Judy Blume’s novel)

and give the people of the library

for making me have the faith to hang on.

As for the people who helped me and my not-so-perfect family…

it’s all for you.

Thank you.

Stay tuned!


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