Published January 3, 2011 by ladyserenity92

The following ‘title’ of today’s post is not an act of ‘blogger’; just an act of a used computer.

Blame it on the computer.

Do you guys and gals bet that ‘Weird Al’ can do a parody of Jamie Foxx’s ‘Blame it on the alcohol’ and turned it into ‘Blame it on the computer/I-pod.’

If  he reads this post.

I doubt it.

Crumbs. (:-(

For three days, my ‘used-to-be-new’ computer has been acting up on me.

It’s a hand me down that my brother’s ‘Hebro’* friend let me have.

After a few months, the ‘masterpiece of techno car-car(crap) has been delaying my ‘letters from the underground’.

Just a nother day for a blogist on a shoe-string budget.

(Sod! Another computer typo!)

A budget that got her Wal-Mart gift card confiscated.


I did get a lot of help from some ‘friends’.

Happy 2011!

Stay tuned!

*Hebro— a male Jewish friend. A female Jewish friend is called a “Hegal or Hegirl.



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