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List about ‘Nothing’

Published January 30, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post is for everybody that had some ‘bumps’ in the road of ‘redemption’.

I was sad that Ted Williams who had some ‘bumps’ along the road to recovery ‘relapsed’.

In spite of the love and support that everyone tried to give him,

he made the decision to go back to the streets of ‘broken’ promises.

Ted Williams was once a great man.

If those damn poppy and lotus sellers haven’t gotten a hold of him in the first place

he would be a man with a name.

Ted, if you are reading this post,

you have two gates of destiny to go.

One of freedom; the other of darkness.

Pray for Ted Williams.

Don’t give up, Bro!

Hang in there!

Stay gold!

Go for broke!

cute cookie, cute cartoon cookie, cutest cookie ever, cute cookies, joke “what does a piece of fruit sleep on”?

Teddy bear, come to the light!

We have more to offer than just ‘cookies’ and jokes.


“Analog” Therapy

Published January 29, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post isn’t intended to replace treatment from a physician. It is just a reference only. If you need to find a program that’s right for you or a loved one, please consult you doctor and make sure that reasearch a must on your list.

Have you noticed a ‘rare’ type of therapy that’s slowly creeping its way into the field of alternative medicine?

It’s called “Analog” therapy.

‘Analog’ therapy is just a type of treatment that makes you go back to what you were doing before you got into a plight.

 ‘Analog’ treatments consist of taking a ‘resting time’ form your ‘pressure point’ and slowing taking your time.

Some are ‘free’ time treatments;

and others are ‘timed-limited’.

It’s like a type of ‘siesta’.

I’ve only read about this in the pages of O Magazine.

But I really don’t know if the therapy is real.

That’s for you to find out.

Go for broke!

No more ‘Post Offices’!? Don’t count on it!

Published January 28, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This essay posting is based on personal opinion only. For non-educational and entrainment purposes only.

On the news it was announced that the USPS would be shutting over 2,000 of its offices starting in March. A world without postal offices…

I’m hearing my cat Tom’s words…

Don’t you believe it!

In sprite of the hype of the postal crises; the USPS ain’t going anywhere.

In fact,

The USPS is just using a ‘scare-straight’ tactic to gain more business. More and more people are using both email and smail to reach out to love ones. In fact, more people are more optimised and hopeful. They are so happy that they are bringing in more business and income to their State.

It’s a fact!

In a long study survey, more people shop in store full of diversity, classes and happiness than stores that discriminate certain groups based on race, class and economic stasis.

Go figure.

In fact, Postal offices are full of diversity and need people from all walks of like to give them ‘suggestions’ on how to attract more ‘pen pushers’.

They have an email(and smail) address.

Mail carriers can sometimes be ‘life savers’.

Just like in the movie “The Postman”, a letter or a package to a love one can give a boost to chosing life over death.

In the last few years, Watchdog groups had made it hard for people to trust the USPS.

It’s just that a ‘harmless’ package can be taken out of context.

And there has been a recent rise in crime waves  involving smail-raiders .

There will always be a reason why people would want to steal another person’s ‘possession’.

No matter what the reason is; if you are from US customs, the richest man in America; or a 10-year old hacker impersonating a 24-year old Swedish vigilante….









Stealing is stealing. And stealing is against the law.

Opening another person’s mailbox.(Unlawful!)

Reading another person’s mail/opening their package(illegal, Beagle!)

(If you want the nitty-gritty on the USPS’s regulations, visit www.USPS.US)

You can also call the USPS toll free number (1-800-275-877), or by ‘smailing’ them at their office within your local area.

Vmails are a must!

Any way you can to suppot them. 😉

As for the ‘hype’ of no more Postal offices.

Not gonna happen.

They always give free tours.

In the era of technology, sometimes people need to mix up the old-school with the new-school.

Pen and paper can always work together with a computer monitor and a keyboard.

Without letters, we were all be in the dark, hungry and naked.

If it weren’t for the USPS of Lake Edna, we would all be in the neck of the woods.

Use moderation and discretion, if you must.

If it weren’t for a letter, where would be without the things around you?

Go for Broke!

This essay is for noneducational and entertainment purposes only. It has no association with nor the bloggers themselves. The USPS have not authorized nor endorsed this website.


Ohio Mom Jailed for Sending Her Kids to a Better School (via NewsFeed)

Published January 27, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This will make you blood shot up with rage!
I’m hearing Drowning pool’s ‘Bodies’ right now!
Do something, people!

Much of the poltical rhetoric on education reform has centered on the ability of parents to send their children to better schools, particularly in situations where they were forced to send them to schools that were failing. But in the case of Kelley Williams-Bolar, her desire to get her children better educational placement landed her in jail, and may well derail her aspirations of becoming a teacher herself. Williams-Bolar, 40, and her two child … Read More

via NewsFeed

Mystery Song!

Published January 26, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This post comes to show

That anything in the soul of music

can be poetry.

Soul food for the ears.

It least this ain’t ‘meat’ that’s just today’s blogna!

Found it stored up in my dusty ‘stick drive’.

Don’t know what song it is,

If you like it and have any information about the ‘rare gem’

give me a response,


You have the power of the fate of my blog.

Stay tuned!



A Sleeping blog that’s picking up speed!

Published January 25, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Although this sleeping seed is nearing its 4th anniversary, it’s picking up like wildfire on the cyberline.

Here are what some(of the many fans have said. And a few of my ‘witty’ replies!) 

  • I like it
  • pass it on
  •  I was luck to seek your website in yahoo
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  • I get a lot in your Topics! (Really? Thank your very much.)


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  • Hey, i think you visited my website so here i am!.I am trying to find things to improve my website!Is it ok if i use some of the things i saw here?!(As long as you put in a small donation with permission, it’s ok by me. As long it’s for a harmless and non-profit purpose.)

There are times that I don’t get noticed of get to read more than a few feed lines. But I think this sleepersite can add extra value into the lives of all of the ‘ginjins'(outsiders). Cheers !

Go for Broke!

Stay tuned!

$17 to pay my ‘rent’!

Published January 24, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Stories & notes from an artist’s head!
I was hit by the news that my blog was going up for sale.
After five years, I’m still learning that there’s no such thing as a ‘free gift’.
It’s a good thing that I still have a weapon of originality.
And a smart sense of humor.
It just comes to show
Even with a little bit of pocket-money,
a lot of brains,
and a Mcgyver-mode…
I still can conjurer up a way to save my….
group from going naked.
As well as all of my marble marbles.
Just got them from ‘The Marble Zone’ shopping mall!
Marble Hill.
Stay tuned!

Lost in translation in 2011

Published January 22, 2011 by ladyserenity92

Back in the days of the 20th century, people used to have access bilingual media .

Like many movies would be dubbed into english and become closed-captioned.

Those were the days.

Most of my friends that I met couldn’t read subtitles.

They were dyslexic or had a disability that made it hard for them to read subtitles.

The rest of the ‘ace club’ couldn’t understand….

I better not talk about it.

So many people are now illiterate that it’s making it hard for them to function in today’s world.

In fact,

a lack of reading can often get a person falsely imprisoned.

A good person without a decent education can be taken advantage of.

In Bernard Schlink’s “The Reader”, Hannah fell prey into a trap because she was illiterate.

After reading the book, I’m still haunted by the ending.

So many film studio’s need to set an example to teach future producers the art of a new langue by putting in extra money for language classes.

For now, a wave of ‘green grass movers’ are making their own dubbing.

Even a young women is making music videos of pop-songs using sign-language.

Sorry, friend! Don’t wait on Hollywood to start adding dubs to your favorite anime videos or waiting on Random House publishers to give you bilingual novels of any of your favorite novels any time soon.

In this shattered economy, it’s up to you to pick up the pieces.

Now start working!

Stay tuned!

Go for Broke!

“Skins” should be left uncoverd!

Published January 21, 2011 by ladyserenity92

This is an opinion from a perspective of  my view. As an artist, I have a right to post on any topic. Since this is a ‘Free-writer’ blog, this topic may be of a objectable nature. Please do not be offended. If I have offended any readers with children, in advance; I apologize.

All over the media, MTV was in a lot of a ‘red-faced’ moments when parents and TV watchdog groups made a firestorm. The reason was a hot British import that’s been catching fire since The Beatles. The show in questioned…


“Skins” has been called the next “Degrassi.” It’s so hot right, the controversy to put a stop to it is just making it more popular. MTV has made it clear that although this sexy coming of age teen dramedy has first time teen actors; the network has stated that none of the ‘children’ were in no hurt, harm or danger. In fact… adults had to be the ‘body doubles’ of any minor engaging in any sexual act or in their nude form.

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never seen the show(UK or US version) of Skins. But what I know is that this show is a form of “Shock education”. If you recall, we have many artist from all walks of life tackle the subject of child sexuality. And a few of them have gotten away with it. The list will shock you on who will be imprisoned if they were forced to drop their pens or be forced to confiscate their laptops.

  1. Stephane Meyer(The Twilight Saga/The Short second Life of Bree Tanner)
  2. Melvin Burgess
  3. Yuu Wataste
  4. William Shakespeare
  5. Benny Mardomez
  6. Rick James
  7. Teena Marie
  8. The Jackson’s

They’re so many of the so-called “peds” that gave us so much art, it would make me shut down the whole system. After over fifty years, the novel “Lolita” is still on the ‘restricted book list’. Long after the author has passed on, Lolita has never been banned.

I wonder if P.R. has even read a book?

there are some ‘sick-pyscho’s) that like to abuse children. And there are cultures that view what is art and what is ‘objectionable’.

Many people had gone to jail or been silent for just drawing a line that can be taken out of context.

Because of the BS from the idiots in control of the House, we even lost our right to teach handwriting(calligraphy/cursus).

There is a rise of people spilling out their secrets into the light of media.

It was a shame that it happened; It would be a shame to keep it hidden.

There’s no such thing as a lamb without a spot.

No one is innocent!

With art, people are exposing that people aren’t living the ‘apple-pie life’ in ‘apple-pie land’.

Get used to it.

If you don’t like what you see, you don’t have to watch it.

And for the parents and watchdog groups that are hoping that “Skins” will be in the dark….

just like the 127 mafia members that were sitting in the dark when the light of the sun uncovered their hiding places.

Fudgettabout it!

Stay tuned!

This commentary is for non-educational and entertainment purposes only. It does not reflect the views or post from other bloggers nor

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