Message from “Salon la’ Rouge”

Published December 22, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This is a ‘sweet’ beauty tip that is sure to make your hands slily smooth and soft. Don’t take my word for it!

If you have dry hands or want to pamper yourself for half the price, all you need is a bottle of your favorite skin lotion and 2 or three pairs of disposable(or non-latext  for those that are skin-sensitive) plastic gloves. Any size pair of your choice that can fit over your hands. Since my hands are `medium-sized`, I use medium-sized plastic gloves.

Take one of the disposable `gloves` and apply an amount inside one of the `fingers` of the glove. Be careful on how much lotion you want to use.
After you placed the lotion inside the finger of the glove, slide on the lotion-filled glove on your hand and mashed the outside of your finger to make the lotion cover your entire hand from the inside.

Repeat with the second glove.

*For best results, leave the gloves on for 30 min. — to an hour. After your time has expired, remove the gloves and (gently) remove the lotion off with a towel from your hands.

Now I want to give you an `extra` tip.

I normally do this `process’ twice a day, everyday! I do this for about a week. In a week, you`ll see an improvement on your hands! Before bedtime, do this `tip` and in the morning you`ll have silky, soft hands!

I hope you guys and gals try this for yourselves. Tell me how it went. Drop me a ‘line’ via post!

Happy Holidays! Stay tuned!



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