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Published December 19, 2010 by ladyserenity92

In the old days, it used to be you must practice in order to get somewhere.

Freedom used to be free.

But, in order to be a ‘wheel’ in the center

you have to not only display your work….

you have to ask people for what you need.

Don’t take too much of their ‘generosity’ for granted.

Give your love ones a lot of your material.

Even if it’s in small fragments.

Let the public sample your ‘work’.

Don’t go out into the water without first giving a taste-test.

Don’t be a brag-hag.

Some people go without testing their water and end up sunk down at the bottom.

Ask for feedback.

Criticism is a bitch.

Get used to it.

Just because you get rejected, doesn’t mean you failed.

You just have to pack up and study your style.

And this time, keep polishing it until its perfect.

It takes time.

And it often seldom comes overnight like a book of cards.

It comes with time and practice.

No stars in the universe can guide you on what  to do with your talent.

Talent isn’t something that you can steal,  or find in a deck of cards.

You have to earn it and use it.

Once you lose it or it gets taken away,

it may be hard to reclaim it.

Donations are now open via, as well as feedback.

Stay tuned!

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